A Ripped Heart

Laina broke up with her boyfriend. The cheating, lying monster. But now, Laina is having second thoughts..... Was someone just telling her things to tear them apart? Was it all planned? Will Biren and Laina get back together? Or let one thing come between them....?


2. Im not going to school

   "Wow." Laina ended the call and threw the phone across the room. 

  She hugged her legs and layed her forehead on her knees. 

 "Don't cry Laina. Don't cry. Dont cry..." Laina told herself.

  Laina started to cry. 

 "Hey sis have you seen my- Hey why are you crying?" Her sister Laila walked in.

  Laina just broke down. She started crying harder.

  "Whoa whoa whoa calm down whats going on?" Laila came and sat next to her and hugged her.

  "I- I- I think Biren is cheating on me." Laina told.

  "Why would you think that?" Laila was surprised.

  "Zia told me that he was. So, i called him about.... 7 minutes ago and a girl answered the phone." Laina hardly spoke.

 "Who answered?" Laila wondered.

 "Zia." Laina cryed harder.



   The next morning Laina wouldn't get out of bed. 

 "Lai-Lai get up!" Laila yelled from downstairs.

 "No!" Laina cried out and pulled her blankets over head.

 Laila walked upstairs and stood in the doorway of Laina's room.

 "Lai-Lai please. Get up. I know it hurts to be cheated on. Hell were not even sure if he is, Listen, mom and dad told me to make sure you go to school. We don't want what happend last time to happen again do we?"

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