A Trip, or a Change in Worlds?

*(Unfinished)* Four American girls go on a high school graduation trip to London, England. They end up meeting new friends, who for the two single girls, just might become more. Can one of the relationships make it through ex-boyfriend while the other is close to perfect? Only words can tell...This is our first fanfic so hope y'all enjoy!


9. 8) Uncovering the Lies

Derek's P.O.V.

  "Derek! I love you soooo much! How long was I out? Why was I out? Am I ok? What happened?" She asked. Did Adelyn just say she loved me?.........
  " I'll just leave you two alone for a few minutes then I will have to run you through some tests Adelyn," a nurse said then walked out the door.
  "Ok, as for your questions. You were out for two weeks. You got hit by a car. We will know when the tests are done, and I was chasing you around the yard at my house and you ran into the street. A car came over the hill and was going too fast to stop," I said. She said she loved me so I thought she had memory loss and now was my second chance to get her back. When I told her that we were just at my house playing around, she believed me. Part of it was true. I was in fact chasing her, she did run into the street, but we weren't playing around and it was not at my house.
     The doctor came in after that and I was told I needed to leave the room so they could test her.


Dr. Griff's P.O.V.

     After the guy left, I checked Adelyn's blood pressure, eyes, heart, and a few other things. Now for the big one. Most people have memory loss after things like this happens. I just hope she isn't one of them with having a world famous boyfriend. 
  "Adelyn, when is your birthday?"
     Without hesitation she replied, " November  3, 1994."
     Good. At least she can remember stuff like that. 
  "How old are you?"
  "What year is it?"
  "Ok that's all for the tests. I'm going to go and tell they guy who was in here earlier the results and then he can tell you. What is his name dear?"
     I nodded then went out to tell him the news. After I did, I told him she needed to get back to her boyfriend to have a somewhat normal day to try and jog her memory.
  "Derek, do you know where Niall is staying?"
  "Yes sir, I do." He replied.
  "Ok then now how are you related to her so I can tell him who will be dropping her off."
  "I'm her cousin."
  "Ok thank you. Just sign these papers and you may be on you way." I handed him the papers and went to call Niall.
  "Hi is this Niall Horan?
  "Yes, it is."
  "Niall, this is Dr. Griff with Adelyn. She is now awake but has memory loss."
  "What?! I'll be right up there!"
  "No wait, don't come, she is just leaving here with her cousin Derek. They should be over to your hotel her pretty soon."


Niall P.O.V.

  ".......with her cousin Derek. They should be over to your hotel pretty soon." Dr. Griff told me. This couldn't be Derek posing as her cousin could it? I had to make sure.
  "Ok let me tell the others just a sec."
     I set my phone down on the table and went to find Clarabelle. Her and Liam were walking down the hall after being in the pool. Just before they entered Liam's room, I asked Clare, "Hey does Addy have a cousin Derek?"
  "Ya but he lives in Texas. She also tried to hook us up when I was 14," she said, laughing.
  "Ok thanks," and with that I ran off back to my phone and finished my convo with the doc.


Derek's P.O.V.

       Finally! A second chance! There was no way in the world I was going to take her over to Niall's hotel. He would just ruin the chance. After signing the release papers for Adelyn, we got into my car and drove over to my house. Since she had just gotten  memory loss, I figured she could only remember how happy we were. We arrived at a park to let her mind rest before going back in to see my parents. Yes, I'm 19 and live with my parents but it is only until I can pay for my own house.
  "Baby, what are we doing here? I thought we were going to your house?" she asked me.
  "Well, I thought you might just wanna walk around and rest your mind before going to my place with all the people there...." I told her, hoping she understood.
  "Ok! Sounds all good to me."
     We just walked around the park remembering all the memories from when we were kids. At some point, I was able to text my mom to tell her that Adelyn has memory loss and thinks that we are a happy couple so they didn't bring up her past with me. After maybe two hours I decided to take her back to my house. Now I just had to get her away from all contact with people who might be able to jog her memory...


Niall's P.O.V.

     It's been over two hours now so where could the be? Oh well, they are cousins and probably wanted to catch up on some things. I was worried about her. Adelyn is my world and if something went wrong while she was with her cousin....I don't know what I would do. I got out my phone to text Adelyn just to check on her.

To: Adelyn
     Hey babe! Just wondering how ur doin and wen u think u'll b home. Luv u!

Five minutes went by with nothing; ten minutes, notta. And hour passed and nothing came from her to ANY of us. Finally, Clarabelle called Derek to see when they might be home.

  "Hey! How are you?"......."Good. Hey, when do you think you will be dropping Adelyn off?"......"What?! Oh man, this is not good!"......"Ok. Have fun."....."Bye"

  "Ummm.......Clare? What's not good?" I asked. She just looked at me and I knew something was wrong
  "That was Derek Alcuin. He doesn't have Adelyn, he's in Texas about to go rope at a rodeo." She replied. Ya that was definitely not good.


*A/N Ok. So. Now they know Adelyn isn't with Derek (the cousin). What do you guys think bout all this cuz only two of y'all are commenting! I love y'all but y'all gotta get to commenting cuz we need to know if y'all like where this is headin and everything! (I realize I just said y'all 3 times in one sentence but, hey, I don't use good grammar unless its for my fanfic and sometimes it slips then too) So a few questions. Will Adelyn get her memory back and how? How will the One Direction boys and Clarabelle find her? I'd love to chat with y'all through comments! Anyway, favorite, like, and COMMENT please! Love you! (Sorry if I sound pushy with the comment stuff but both me and K. Are insecure about our writing so.....)

~ Sydney

P.S. Don't you hate when your brother is across the hall from you snoring like a pig?! I wouldn't mind if it was a One Direction guy but my bros is crazily loud!

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