A Trip, or a Change in Worlds?

*(Unfinished)* Four American girls go on a high school graduation trip to London, England. They end up meeting new friends, who for the two single girls, just might become more. Can one of the relationships make it through ex-boyfriend while the other is close to perfect? Only words can tell...This is our first fanfic so hope y'all enjoy!


8. 7) Derek!

Clarabelle's P.O.V.

  "I'm not your girl anymore! And I never will be again!" I hear Adelyn scream. She would only say those words with that tone of voice to one guy; Derek. I rush over to where I thought her voice came from. I found what I least wanted; Derek had pulled Addy to a corner. I didn't even listen to what they were saying. I only knew I had to get her away.
     She turns and sees me then quickly runs from Derek. I had to slow him down. He was never going to hurt my Addy again.


(On the phone with Adelyn)
  "Babe, why are you crying?" Adelyn had called and seemed perfectly fine, that is, until I brought up Derek. 
  " Darek...he...he...he cheated on me then started abusing me...has been for a couple months now.......I thought I could handle it but....I couldn't. That's why I haven't seen you in forever........if I try to Hang out with friends or leave his house he hurts me......then acts like nothing ever happened and try's to......to get me to cuddle up next to him.......on the couch and I got away........I need somewhere to stay......he can't find me......who knows what will happen....." She gets out in between sobs.
  "Honey, you can stay here for as long as you need. Even till after the high school graduation trip." I reply.

*present time*

     I ran after Derek and finally got in front of him by using a shortcut. The only thing I could think of was to trip him, so I did. It didn't work very well though. He got back onto his feet super fast and swung his fist at me. So this was how Adelyn felt those two long months. Wow, he was strong. The only thing I could do before he went again was call out to Liam.
     I was now on the ground. He was kicking me and still punching me. Not too long after I fell, Derek was pulled off me. I sat up and looked in the direction he was pulled to see 3 guys beating him senseless. Liam was trying to make sure I was ok.
  "Liam! I'm fine! But Adelyn might not be! We've gotta get her back here!"
  "Wait, where is she," he asked, clearly confused.
  "She ran outside after she got away from Derek."


Liam's P.O.V.

  "...after she got away from Derek."
     Derek. They knew him. Wait... GOT AWAY from him. He was trying to take her!
  "NIALL!" I yell, going over to the boys.
  " Dude? What?"
  "Go find Adelyn. That guy," I say, gesturing to the man on the floor, "tried to take her and she ran out."
  "Ok I'll find her." He replied, and ran out the door.
  "Guys, cut it out. He's passed out. Leave him be."
    They left him alone and went out to help Niall. After making sure Clarabelle was TRULY ok, we started towards the door and Niall met us before we were there.
  "Guys, there's been an accident! Get outside! NOW!" He yelled before running to Haz. Something really bad must've happened. We rush outside to see what has happened.


Harry's P.O.V.

     When we got off of the plane in Missouri, I immediately went over to the fans; we don't get to talk to them much after getting off planes. I find one fan who actually doesn't scream in my face and I can have a nice chat with. Plus, she was really cute. I begin to converse with her until I am ever so rudely interrupted by Niall.
  "Man! Get your bum outside! Adelyn... Something happened... Just come!" He yells and grabs my hand, dragging me out the door.
     Once outside, he pulls me to an intersection where I see Adelyn. She's on the ground, people surrounding her, blacked out, and worst of all, blood is gushing from her head.

Niall's P.O.V 

    This isn't good. It's been two weeks since the incident. Adelyn was still Ina a coma and the doctors said I should go home for a while and that they would call me when she wakes up. I go home and immediately open a bottle of beer. What else was I suppose to do? My girlfriend was in a coma with a small chance of waking up. I had lost it.When I don't know what to do cause I'm scared or sad or hurt or anything, I drink. It's my coping mechanism. 
     Eventually, Liam found me and could knock some sense into me. He got me to stop drinking and gave me boatloads of water. I guess Zayn had told him that it was a way to reduce hangover but whatever. It was getting late and I was tired. I didn't feel like going to my bed or anything. So I just crashed on the couch of my hotel room.



Derek's P.O.V.

     Ha! She got hit by a car now did she? Thanks to growing up here, I knew this town better than the back of my hand. There were two hospitals in Springfield she could have possibly gone; Mercy, or Cox. Being Adelyn's ex also gave me an advantage. I knew what hospital she would be in. You see, a few years back, before I went bad on her, Adelyn was in the hospital 3 times in 3 months. Two times it was in Mercy. The third in a hospital 4 hours away in Kansas City, Missouri for a surgery. After the second hospital experience, her parents took her to Kansas City where there were better doctors. One told them that when her pain started, to immediately come back to do the tests (surgery). 
     I was having dinner over at her house with her parents and Adelyn was just playing with her food. She didn't love much but man she did love her food. Just when I was about to ask of she was ok, she burst into tears clutching her stomach. Her mom and dad knew what was going on but it took me a few minutes to comprehend it. Jonathan, her dad went to Adelyn to help her over to lay on the coach while Shonda, her step mom, went to call Bonnie, Adelyn's grandma. That left me to take care of her two brothers, aged 9 and 2. I took the boys into another room to let their parents sort everything out. After going to Kansas City, they came back the next night and had scheduled the surgery for 2 days later. Not wanting to stay in a hotel away from the two year old that long, they just came home. For 24 hours before the surgery, Adelyn could eat nothing other than Popsicles, jello, and chicken broth with nothing to drink but power aid, gator aid, or water, and nothing red or purple. There were a few more things she could have but I don't remember them. Two hours before, should could consume nothing. As you would imagine, she complained about how hungry she was before she left. All the test came back fine and there was only a small bit of agitation in her stomach that wouldn't have cause any pain at all. Any way, she hasn't been in a hospital because of that since. So that's how I know what hospital she was in.
     I walked into Mercy and asked what room she was in. 
  "I'm sorry sir, but miss Alcuin can't take visitors right now, she is still asleep and having a few blood test done right now. I will call you when she is finished." The receptionist told me. I went and sat down in the waiting room.
*10 Minutes Later*
     "Is anyone in here for Adelyn Alcuin?" A nurse asked. I jumped up and ran over to her.
  "Yes, I am is she ok, is she awake yet, will she make it?!" I ramble on.
  "Yes sir. She is almost awake and doing fine. She is in room 473 but please be quiet. She is not fully conscious quite yet."
  "Ok thank you ma'am!" And with that I took off down the hall towards Adelyn's room. She wasn't awake at all but she was moving, which means she's close to it.


Adelyn's P.O.V 

     I was surrounded by darkness. The only sound was shuffling feet and a steady beeping. I couldn't move or feel anything. It was like I was floating on a cloud. I loved that feeling but I had to get out of the darkness and into the light. It took all my strength but I was able to move my hand. 
  "She just twitched her hand! Go get Adelyn's family from the waiting room she's finally waking up!" I heard someone say. FINALLY waking up. How long had I been asleep. Someone ran into the room and just above a whisper said, "Adelyn!"
     That one voice was enough for me to be able to wake up. I'd recognize that voice anywhere. My true love, my one and only, my whole future. I open my eyes and am stunned by the light. After a while everything comes into focus. Standing there beside my hospital bed was Derek.


*A/N ok this was emotional to write cuz that story about Adelyn going to the hospital was acually me. Only Derek's character wasn't there and my brothers took care of themselves. I changed all their names though. Anyway it just brought back the memory of pain and the hospital. By the way, people always say that hospital food is bad. It's 10 times worse than you think, at least here it is. With the exception of Mercy's chocolate brownies they are delicious anyway yeah. so.....PEACE OUT!


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