A Trip, or a Change in Worlds?

*(Unfinished)* Four American girls go on a high school graduation trip to London, England. They end up meeting new friends, who for the two single girls, just might become more. Can one of the relationships make it through ex-boyfriend while the other is close to perfect? Only words can tell...This is our first fanfic so hope y'all enjoy!


7. 6) A Past Bent on Destruction

*A/N Ok so you don't actually learn why this chapter has to do with her past in a later chapter, so the title might not ,are sense right now.


Liam's P.O.V.


 'No! This can't be happening. Paul told us not to tweet out or let our location be known to the public in any way.' I thought. Clarabelle must have felt me tense because she leaned down, her lips almost touching my ear, sending shivers down my back, and said, "Li, you okay?"
 "Listen closely" I told her.
    She listened and apparently heard the screams too, they were getting louder and running footsteps accompanied them.
 "Guys, I think we have followers," she said looking back to the rest of the group. As if on queue, the screaming girls reached us. There were maybe 9 in all, who each greeted us in their own way, along the lines of: 'OMG! One Direction!', 'I can't believe it's actually you!', and 'My dream has finally came true.'
    Eight of them kept fangirling but one of them stopped and looked us all over for a second time.
 "Who are THESE girls?" She asked. All the other fans quit fangirling and took us in for the first time. 
 "Girls, I want you to meet me and Liam's new girlfriends, Clarabelle and Adelyn." Niall announces to the fans, gesturing in their direction as he says their name. Some girls became shy and said 'hi' to Clara and Adelyn. While other fans began to point out any random flaw they thought they saw in them. Thankfully once they got their desired autographs and photos they began to leave, which aloud to head to the hotel to order some food and rest after walking most the day. 


Adelyn's P.O.V.

  Oh, I can't even begin to describe the wonderful week we've had! It has passed WAY to quickly, and if we weren't headed back to America on the boy's private jet then I don't think I could convince myself any of it had been real. Especially the part about me having a totally sweet and loving boyfriend. A year ago I never would have thought that even possible considering the mess I was in. With a slight shiver I turn my thoughts back to the present days..the happy ones.


No One's P.O.V.


...In America a few days before...

  "Famous boy band One Direction is coming to America to preform, and look to have picked up some new members." The newscaster on the TV announced to the figure siting in a chair in the dark living-room as a picture of Niall and Adelyn holding hands flashed across the screen and then an identical one of Liam and Clarabelle. 
 "ADELYN!?! You little tramp!!" The figure roared as it jumped up from the chair. "How could you have forgotten so easily?" The voice chuckled quietly, oozing evil.

...Back to present time...


Adelyn's P.O.V.

 With a couple bounces and jerks the plane safely lands and we get off. 
 "Sure is good to be back on the ground" Clare  says looking a little sick. 
 "If you had it your way we wound have found a way to DRIVE to London and back," said Gwendolyn sarcastically. "I still don't understand why you're such a scardy cat when it comes to flying" Gwen mutters to me and Niall. "Its fun" 
 "Not to Clare , that's for sure" I whisper back. 
As we head out the doors of the airport we are greeted with lots of screaming fans and thrashing posters. Gwen and Crystal are met with huge hugs and kisses from their boyfriends and make there way though the crowd with them after telling us bye and to be in touch soon. As the boys and Clare become surrounded by the mob of fans I stand back just a ways hoping they will clear out soon. As I stand their and watch I feel someone staring at me. I turn, expecting it to be a fan wanting my autograph or something, but stop dead as I glimpse the guy before he disappears. 'No! No no no! Please Lord no!! It can't be Derek!!' I start to panic, but try to convince myself my mind is just playing games. 
 "Long time no see."
     I jump as an icy voice breaths down my neck. Before I have time to move Derek is in front of me, herding me away from the others. In fear I can't think strait. I want to scream at Niall but he could never hear me above the noise of the crowd. "Uh," I grunt as my back strikes hard against a wall. Derek places a hand beside each of my shoulders pinning me there. His beady green eyes and short red hair bring back bad memories as he towers over me with his signature hair raising, evil grin. 
 "It really ticks a guy off to see his girl with another man," Derek said as he began to twist a lock of my hair in his fingers. 
 "I'm not your girl anymore! And I never will be again!!" I yelled and then shoved him off of me. 
 "You say you don't love me when we both know you do."  
 "I did, but that was before I found out what a lying, two-timing jerk you are." I retorted angrily. "You made a part of my life miserable! I was always running from you, but now I'm just going to forget you," I say and then start to walk off. 
  "You are not going to forget me!!" Derek roared in anger as he jerked me back throwing me hard against the wall and kissing me so hard it hurt. I tried to hit him. But he held me tight against the hall. He suddenly pulled away as we both heard Clare call my name. If it hadn't been for Clare I would probably still be running from Derek, She let me come live with her and got me through my darkest hour. Derek pulling me around the corner brought me back to the present. 
     I turn around and there is Clare. I jerk my arm away from Derek and run towards her, Derek hot on my heels.
 "Keep running Addy!" Clare yelled at me as I got closer to her. I turned sharp and ran all the faster, sure that Clarabelle would slow Derek down.
     In blind terror I ran outside. I didn't care where I was going as long as it was away from Derek. The tears began to fall as I thought about all that had just happened. Niall would never want me now. 
'Once he finds out I let Derek kiss me he's going to hate me!' 
As the tears blind my vision, and my sense of everything around me I run. 
.........My head is suddenly pounding as if its going to burst, darkness is threatening to take me. Horns are blaring in my ears and people are shouting every where. I've got to run is the only thing on my mind, but my entire body hurts so bad..............


*A/N Ooooohhhhhh! I just LOVE cliff hangers! Whatcha think happened? Comment and tell me. Also, don't forget to like, favorite, and spread the word! :) 

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