A Trip, or a Change in Worlds?

*(Unfinished)* Four American girls go on a high school graduation trip to London, England. They end up meeting new friends, who for the two single girls, just might become more. Can one of the relationships make it through ex-boyfriend while the other is close to perfect? Only words can tell...This is our first fanfic so hope y'all enjoy!


4. 4) A Trade

Adelyn's P.O.V.


     I hate to say it but I was kind of embarrassed. Niall walked into the room without me noticing while I was crying my eyes out. When I notice him, I quickly wipe my eyes to make myself more presentable, but I'm NOT a pretty cryer. He had something to tell us. I wanted to know but couldn't say anything, scared of what it might be. I mean I had no clue what this guy's background was or anything. Thankfully, Gwendolyn looked at him and said, "Go on."

  "About last night, I'm really sorry. If I hadn't had fallen head over heels for Adelyn, that mess probably wouldn't have happened. I was just caught up in the moment and not thinking straight. It's completely up to you guys, but if you want to, and I think I speak for all the boys, I want to make it up to you. We could show you around London, take you out for dinner and go shopping...whatever you guys want."


Gwendolyn's P.O.V. 


  "Really!?" Adelyn, Crystal, and I say at the same time.

  "That would awesome," I continued.

  "I don't know," Clarabelle says, "we have a tight schedule since we're only here for about a week." I, along with the other girls, look at Clare with a pleading expression, she obviously still didn't trust the boys but the rest of us didn't see any harm in it.

  "Come on Clarabelle!" I plead. "Besides since when do we have a schedule?" I say putting my hands on my hips and giving her that 'you've got to let go and just have fun for once in your life' look.

  "What if we call it a trade," Niall says trying to negotiate. "We are headed to the US the same time you girls are headed home. So we'll show you around London and you can show us around part of America. Deal?"

  "Deal! See you in the lobby at noon!" Crystal says and shoves Niall out the door before Clarabelle can say no to him.


Crystal's P.O.V.


     One look at Clarabelle told me she wasn't ecstatic about my decision. Dragging Gwendolyn with me I made a bee line for our bedroom.

  "Crystal!" Clarabelle yells after me.

  "I gotta go take a shower," I laugh and then slam the door behind Londyn and myself.


Niall's P.O.V.


     I walk back to mine and Liam's room to find Liam watching tv.

  "Where've you been?" Liam ask me as I close the door.

  "Let me get the other guys so I don't have to repeat myself, and then I'll tell you all." I say. I walk to the adjoining door and find the other boys still asleep in their beds. After a bit of coaxing I manage to get them up.

  "So I told the girls we would take them sight seeing," I say to the guys once they'd all gathered around me and Liam's living room. "We're meeting then in the lobby at noon."

  "Ummm, Niall, you know that's, like, in an hour right?!" Harry says checking his watch.


Adelyn's P.O.V.


     I was so glad Clarabelle agreed pretty easily to coming along. At least i think she did cause she started getting ready right after Crystal and Gwen left. As she went to get in the shower I began to raid my bags for the perfect outfit. I found my favorite white shorts, a pink and gray top, and pink Sperry's, then headed for the shower since I could hear Clare finishing up.

*45 minutes later*

     It was 5 till and we all headed out the door. Gwendolyn was is jean shorts with a green and white top and white flip-flops. Crystal had chosen a black top, jean shorts and black Toms. And Clarabelle wore a pink and black tank, with her jeans tucked into her cowboy boots.

     The boys were ready and waiting in the lobby when we stepped off the elevator.

  "You girls alright with going to lunch first?" Louis ask us.

  "That'd be great," Gwendolyn answers for us.

  "Good," says Harry, "cause I don't think Niall can wait much longer," he says giving Niall a playful shove.


*A/N- Hey guys! Happy St. Patrick's day! And for all of you who didn't wear green...*pinch*...lol. I was in gymnastics from the age of 2 to 9 and we took today very seriously so I make sure I pinch everyone who doesn't wear green! It's a habit. Anywho, sorry this chapter is a little crappy but it's kinda a filler so... And I'm gonna update less often or it will get to the point where you will have to wait a couple weeks at a time. Well, night my lovelies! It's 11:27pm here so I'm going to bed, for I gotta wake up at 5:00am tomorrow! Bye bye! ~S.

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