A Trip, or a Change in Worlds?

*(Unfinished)* Four American girls go on a high school graduation trip to London, England. They end up meeting new friends, who for the two single girls, just might become more. Can one of the relationships make it through ex-boyfriend while the other is close to perfect? Only words can tell...This is our first fanfic so hope y'all enjoy!


3. 3) Finding Clarabelle

Liam's P.O.V.


     It was 5:30 am and I hadn't slept much. I felt bad about the night before and decided a nice long walk would help. I get up and get dressed making sure not to make any extra noise since I'm sharing a room with Niall; although he could sleep though an earthquake. The sun's just beginning to rise as I step outside. Not headed in any particular direction I just start walking, thinking about the last few hours. Fifteen minutes had passed and I brake away from my thoughts to see I've made it to Torrington Park. I walk along my favorite path though the park suddenly stoping dead.

  "Is that..." I don't finish and walk closer, "Clarabelle? Is that you?"


Clarabelle's P.O.V.


     I hear some guys voice and I literally jump off my bed...I look around totally confused. I wasn't in my room, I was at some park! That's when I finally noticed the guy who had woken me.

  "Liam!?" I say startled. "I'm at the park!!" I say to myself, astonished.

  "Your shivering," Liam says pulling off his jacket and wrapping it around my shoulders.

  "I'm fine...really," I say shrugging off his jacket, still kinda of ticked at him about last night. I give him his jacket and walk away saying I had to get back to the hotel.


  "WHAT!" I turn around and stare at him. He looks embarrassed.

  "The hotel is that way," he says trying not to smile as he points in the opposite direction. I give him a look and head in the direction he points. I hear him following me, and with my back turned I say, "Do you need something?"

  "I just want to make sure you get home safely," he said with all sincerity. I took a deep breath and tried to be a little nicer. So maybe this guy wasn't so bad, but I wasn't about to get mixed up with some famous dude who would leave me as soon as some hotty started hanging around.


     We reach the hotel and I head strait to our room. Liam follows me and I don't bother to knock and just go right in. I see Adelyn sitting with her head on her knees in, a ball on the living room floor.

  "Adelyn?" I say quietly.

  "Clare!" She shouts and runs towards me. We embrace each other and start crying, both apologizing at the same time. Over Adelyn's shoulder I see Liam smile at me then close the door. I squeeze Adelyn one last time before letting go, glad to know that everything between us is now fine.


Niall's P.O.V.


     Last night was horrible. It started out great with the party, meeting the girls, and getting close with Adelyn. Then when Clarabelle and Gwendolyn came in and thought we were hurting them (couldn't blame them, they had no clue. The only thing they knew was that we had both their friends who were screaming Bloody Mary) and all the girls just went crazy. I can't help but to blame myself. I know I shouldn't because Adelyn chose to come up here because of OUR noise, but I let her in and asked Liam to ask her if she wanted to play spin the bottle. I needed to go talk to them.

     Liam was making some noise early this morning but:

1) It was too early for me to get up.

2) I hadn't slept good that night. If I had, I wouldn't had heard him even if I tried.

  "Liam?" I sleepily call, "Liam!?" No answer. He had probably just went out for a morning run and was taking an extra long one this morning. I finally get out of bed to go downstairs. Since I was already wearing basketball shorts, I just got a T-shirt and threw it on before heading out the door. I wanted to get to the girls as fast as I could so I just took the stairs instead of waiting for the elevator then slowly going down. I flew down the stairs faster than I thought I could.

     When I get to the girls' door, I lightly knock in case someone is still sleeping. Shortly after, Gwendolyn answers the door.

  "Oh, hey Niall. Clarabelle and Adelyn are kinda having a moment so shhh," she says, letting me in. When I walk in, the two girls are sitting in the floor, crying, holding each other. I feel like an intruder so I begin to slowly back away, but when I glance at Crystal, she mouths 'No, stay.'

     After maybe five minutes or so, Adelyn looks up from Clarabelle and sees me. "Niall? What are you doing here?" she asks me. "Well, I've got something I want to tell you...all of you."


*A/N Hey! So what do YOU think Niall it gonna tell them? Comment and tell me what you think! So on a different note, me, K., and K's sister rode our horses (yes, we have horses, we are TOTAL country girls and actually DO live in the middle of nowhere) on a trail ride yesterday and we got lost. My boots gave me a blister that hurts like crap and I have cuts on my arms from the branches (we somehow got of the trail). Anyway, we ended in what I think is the most beautiful part of that land and we played in the creek for a while. It's right by their land so we went to visit K.'s family (there are 6 kids!) and had a super fun time. Anyway thanks if you actually read this! Comment, like, favorite, and spread the word! ~S.

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