The Run

After escaping her kidnapper, Samantha runs for her older brother Liam Payne. When things start to go back to normal,she starts falling for his friend. Harry Styles. What will happen, and will love conguer all?


1. The Escape

Samantha's P.O.V


I here the footsteps, and I know it is Victor bringing me rice and water. My only meal of the day, I'm glad I got a meal today because most days I don't even get a meal. Victor kidnapped me two years ago, and I have been living in the basement of his filthy  house. I usually have to clean his house spotless every night because his friends always get drunk and mess it  up. When Victor and his friends are really drunk they come in a beat me just for a few laughs, they call me names. It's not when Victor is drunk that I need to worry about its when he is sober. He makes me strip and then he rapes me. But, tonight he is drunk without his friends. He slides my plate through the window in the door. I eat all of it and even lick the plate clean out of starvation. He slides in my room, and grabs my hair . He yanks me up the stairs and orders me to clean. "Yes sir." I spit out coldly. He punches me in the face for that. I  cup my face. I look away not letting him see me cry.

I finish the kitchen and Victor is passed out cold on the floor. Now is my chance to get out of here. I grab a bag with what clothes I have, and I pull on my dirty, thin jacket that I use as a blanket. I step out of the house and smell the fresh air. Its night but I could never tell in that house. Victor is getting up and coming at me. I slam the door and start to run! Victor is still chasing me! My vision is blurring  and my muscles are screaming at me to stop. I am going as fast as a malnourished 5'6 17 year old can go. My brown hair whips my face as I turn sharp into someones backyard. I hide behind a huge tree in the yard, and catch my breath. I hear him cursing. I hold my breath so he can't hear me panting. I hear his footsteps going in the other direction. I wait thirty minutes to move, and decide I can leave. I bolt over the fence, and run to the nearest phone booth. I look for my brother's name. Liam Payne. I find it. I call the number and it  was no longer in service. I start to freak out and slam the phone down. I then remembered a site I saw Victor on this site were you can track people. (he would be on that site). I walk for awhile till I come across a midnight internet cafe. I log on to a computer and  type in Liam Payne. I can't believe my eyes. HE is famous now! I smile and relax seeing his picture. I feel chills run down my spine as  I remember where I am. It took about an hour before I  give up searching for him.  The door dings signaling a new costumer. I hear Victor  asking the lady at the desk if she has seen me. I stop breathing and flip my hood up. I quickly turn off the computer, and head to the back door. I feel a hand on my shoulder. I turn around almost crying. Afraid I have been caught. It was the lady from the desk. "May I have your pass key to our computer?" I hand her the key and start walking off. "Hey are you that persons daughter?" She asked. I started to bolt and she yelled, "Hey she is over here!" The lady yells. I run  about a mile to my old house. I lost Victor back at the cafe. I get at  the door to my old house well... my house. I look in the driveway,Liam's  car is there, and a big moving truck. I burst the door which was unlocked!  I see Liam and four other boys sitting on the couch. They must be the guys from the pictures.  Liam runs to me and gives me a big bear hug, he is balling, and his face is pale white like he has seen a ghost. My vision is completely blurred and I can't  breath, I black out. 




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