The Run

After escaping her kidnapper, Samantha runs for her older brother Liam Payne. When things start to go back to normal,she starts falling for his friend. Harry Styles. What will happen, and will love conguer all?


2. Reunighting

Liam's P.O.V


" Zayn can you pass me the packing tape" I say putting the last of Samantha's stuff in the box. I'm moving away for the boys. We all want to live together.

Louis rubs my back to try and comfort me. It's not working my sister was my best friend. She was the one who comforted me when our parents died, and helped me get into rehab because of my drinking problem. She disappeared the day after her 16th birthday. I was my fault I shouldn't have let her go out with her friends, and walk home alone. The door flings open! Snapping me out of my thoughts.I feel my face drain of blood. It was Samantha! I jump up, and run into her giving her a big bear hug! Crying, .....  I felt her body go limp in my arms. " Harry help me put her in my car!' I ordered. Harry ran over and put her unconscious body in my car while I started driving. I was about 20 over the limit and I ran a couple lights. Harry carry her into the hospital while I get a doctor. I grab a nurse and ask for her help. She calls over more people, and they take Samantha away in a hospital bed. I go to the waiting room. "Is that your sister?" Harry asks.

"Yes" I put my face in my hands.

"Can you call the boys and tell them that were aren't coming home?" I ask.

"Of course, so you want me to stay with you?" Harry replys.


  "Are you guys here for Samantha Payne?" The doctor asks walking into the waiting room.

I stand up "yes"

"Ok, well she is going to be fine. She was very dehydrated, exhausted,malnourished, and her body is burned out it seems like  she has been running for miles in a small time period. We are going to have to run more tests to see if everything else is in order".  The doctor says

"Hear that Liam she is going to be fine." Harry said. About an hour later the doctor came in. "Liam I need to speak with you alone" He said stepping into the hall way. "Liam... in one of our test there has been signs of a sexual struggle. She has been beaten pretty badly, and has been raped more then once." I stared down the hallway in horror. My sister has been raped, and it is all my fault. "She has some bruised tissue but that should heal up quickly, her body will return to normal with some more food in her diet." Me, and Harry go  into her room, and she smiles. "I have missed you!" She says signaling for me to come give her a hug. I give her a gently hug and sit down next to her bed. "Samantha this Harry" I say.

She has bruises everywhere, she is very thin, and fragile looking."Sam what happened to you?" I say quietly.


Samantha's P.O.V


I wake up hook to a bunch of Ivs and in a hospital bed. Great, the doctors probably told Liam everything that happened to me. There's a knock on the door. "Come in" I choke out. I smile it's Liam. I signal for him to come give me a hug. He gives me the weakest hug ever, probably so he "doesn't hurt me". "Sam what happened to you?" he asks.

"Nothing" I reply coldly.

"Sam the doctor told me what he did to you, he beat you and raa..." I cut him off "Liam I don't want to talk about it!" I scream with tears going down my face at the memorie of Victor. I feel bad because Liam looks down, and starts to tear up. "Liam i'm sorry I snapped at you. There is nothing to talk about Victor he beat me, and never feed me. Thats it not much else."  I say.

"Sam(my nickname), it's all my fault if I would have just came and picked you up instead of having you walk."

"Liam, it is nobody's fault." I say comforting him.

"I need some sleep, can you stay here and watch me I will feel  better if you do." I ask

"Of course I will" Liam says as he patts my head like he always did when we were little. I start to drift off into my sleep feeling safe for once in awhile when I hear Liam ask Harry. "Harry can you stay here with us?" Thats the last thing I heard before I fell asleep.





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