The Run

After escaping her kidnapper, Samantha runs for her older brother Liam Payne. When things start to go back to normal,she starts falling for his friend. Harry Styles. What will happen, and will love conguer all?


8. New Room... Old past

Samantha's P.O.V


A long dirt road leads up to our new house.There are alot of trees covering the house up so at first I coulcn't even tell it was there. Oh my god. It was the biggest house I've ever seen. It is covered in rocks (along the walls) and has one whole wall of windows. "I know it is huge but you will get used to it" Liam smiles and helps me out of the car.

was still a little weak from well.... everything.

"There are seven rooms enough for all of us plus an extra because it  was originally supposed to have two guest rooms but now you obviously get one!" Louis says, well practically  screaming with joy.

I have only meet the boys twice, and I could already tell Louis and I are going to be really close. I smile at the thought of having a friend, and getting away from my past. Liam grabs me into a big brotherly hug from the side and helps me up the steps and into our house. Holy crap this house is huge, it's like I could get lost for weeks in this home. Which I find kinda scary because I hate being by myself. All the rooms have high ceilings except the top floor. "It has three stories." Zayn says mocking my face.

Which was wide eyed and my mouth was open wide. I quickly gather myself and practically   yell "This house is amazing!".

"Hey stop laughing at me!" I say gesturing to them showing my inside.

It been about an one hour and we are finally on the third floor. They showed me everything, the indoor pool, a theater with a huge screen and a bunch of couches, the kitchen, the three living areas, and all the bedrooms except mine (they want to show me it last). "My room would be on the last floor" I say jokingly to Liam.

 Louis told me to close my eyes, and I close them tight because I like surprises! I can hear  one of the boys turning the door knob as Louis directs me through the doorway and into my room. Louis removes his hands from my eyes, and I see the most amazing room I have ever had. It has a whole wall that is a window. The wall window thing is pointing to the back yard, and the backyard leads into the forest. I really like seeing outside because after being locked in a basement with no windows and only seeing the darkness of night when I had to clean the house really sucked. The walls were light soft green, and there was a huge bed in the corner with white lace covers. The closet was huge, and The bathroom was big to. I just stood there in awe. Till I noticed I was all alone. It freaked me out to be alone, it reminded me of the nights I spent alone in the basement. I shiver, and try to shake the thought away. I head to the kitchen for some food. I am so hungry all the time! I finally make it to the kitchen after getting lost for an half- hour in this huge house. Harry is in here cooking noodles, which smell amazing. Before I  new it I opened my mouth "What time is dinner done?"

Oh, gosh he probably was not even making everyone some. I feel my checks get hot, and I shake my hair to cover my face.

"well I was only making some for me but  I have made to much for just me to eat. Would you like to join me?" Harry said smiling a cheeky grin. Wow, Harry has a nice smile. "Were is everyone else?" I ask sitting on the counters. This house is really big but it feels a little empty.

"oh they went into town to get some food because Naill eat all it besides this." Harry said pointing to the noodles. I giggle, I have only known Naill for a couple days, and he has eaten enough for a small village." Harry hands me a plate of noodles, and I dig in. Wow, I was really hungry.

 After we finish dinner wanna go swim in the indoor pool" Harry asked gloating about the indoor part. I hate swimming. When I was younger I almost drowned  in a pool but Liam saw me and saved me. I was like 5 then and I didn't know how to swim. I do now so maybe I should give it a try. But, I don't want Harry .... or anyone to see my bruises. "I would but I don't have a swim suit." I try to sound convincing. It fails. "That's fine I saw one of your old ones in your clothes when I packed up your stuff." Great, no what am I going to say. Oh well. "Dinner was very good thanks Harry". It really was, Harry is an amazing cook! "All right meet you in the pool" Harry says. I clean up my dish and start washing the rest of them out of habit. Harry stops me  "Come on lets go to the pool now!"

 "Harry I really don't like swimming." I am practically pleading.

"well that is to bad!" He says smirking. He grabs me, and throws me over his shoulder. "Harry Styles put me down!" I yell, trying to sound firm but failing when I laughed the end. 

"Harry stop running and put me down" I beg!

The smell of the pool hits me. Crap... "Harry Please don't!" I beg and plead.

"What is the magic word?" Harry asks.

"Uh... Please?" I ask.

"Close but no." Great, and here comes the water.

"Harry ple..." I get cut off by the cool water hitting was skin. I quickly swim over to the edge of the pool and get out. My clothes are soaked. I start shivering, and pull my knees to my chest so he can't see any bruises through my white tank top. Harry quickly runs over to me, and wraps a towel around my cold body.  "Oh my gosh Sammy I'm sorry, are you ok?".

Why does Harry think i'm hurt? Oh probably because I'm curled in a ball hugging my knees to my chest.

"Harry it's all right" I smile. To show him that i'm not hurt. The doorbell dings and breaks this awkward silence. 

"I'll get it" Harry says. 

"Wait, can you help me please?" I say with my puppy dog face. Harry leans down and helps me up. I quickly push him into the water. 

"HEY!" Harry yells, and he starts to climb out of the pool. I can tell he is going to throw me back into the pool so  I start running to the front door. Harry slips and falls back into the pool. I just laugh. I get to the front door, and compose myself.  I open the front door, and I can't believe who is standing in front of me.

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