The Run

After escaping her kidnapper, Samantha runs for her older brother Liam Payne. When things start to go back to normal,she starts falling for his friend. Harry Styles. What will happen, and will love conguer all?


7. My New Home

Samantha's P.O.V 


Liam opens the front door to my house. It doesn't feel like home to me anymore. There are a bunch of moving boxes labeled "Samantha". It must be my stuff I think about how many things I have missed like high school. I snapped out o  of my thoughts when a hand come into mine shaking it. "Hi my names Louis!" He says over excitedly.

"Oh um hi i'm Sam. Liam's Sister" I say taking a step back.

"Hi I'm Zayn, and I'm Naill" They say.

"hi" I pull my hair over my face. I walk to my room running my hands against the walls. I open the door to find my same boring light pink room. Except there is a hole in the wall the size of a fist. "Sorry about the hole, I punched it  when the police told us they had to stop looking for you. But it doesn't matter because we are leaving anyway. I just finished putting the last boxes in the moving truck" Liam says walking into the room.


Harry's P.O.V


The boys and I are all in the van parked outside Liam's old house with the moving truck behind us ready to go. Liam,and Samantha are taking forever to get out here. The moving truck honks basically saying hurry up, people can be so rude.  "I will go get them" I say. I jog to the house, and walk to Sam's door. That is closed, and locked. I turn to Liam "Is she ok"

"Well We were just talking about all of the memories we have in this house when I said I missed her and she is going to be safe now. Then she shoved me out of the room and locked the door before I could open it. I have been trying to get her to open the door for like 15 minutes." Liam says.

"Hm tell the boys we will be a minute I will talk to her." I say

Liam leaves and I hear the front door shut. I knock on the door, and Sam says "Go away Liam!." It sounded like she had been crying. "It's Harry" I say gently.

"I don't feel like talking Harry..." she says. I know she wont let me in but we really need to get moving. Liam's house is kinda old so might be able to get the door unlocked. I jiggle the door knob until it finally clicks. I walk into the room that I had helped pack up for moving yesterday. I see Sam sitting in the corner holding her chest to her knees. Her hair is covering her face so, . "Hey.. are you going to be ok?" I ask moving her hair out of the way of her beautiful face. Her eyes are blood shot red, and her nose is running.  She was obviously crying. Even right know I think she is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. "Honestly, Harry I really think I will be ok." She said smiling. Thats good atleast she is going to be ok. "Hey how about you say goodbye to this horrible town, and start a new future " I offer. " That would be great" She says as I help her up, and to the van. I knew it. I was falling for her, and falling hard. I hear her whisper " Goodbye to the good... and bad."

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