The Run

After escaping her kidnapper, Samantha runs for her older brother Liam Payne. When things start to go back to normal,she starts falling for his friend. Harry Styles. What will happen, and will love conguer all?


4. Horror

Samantha's P.O.V


I look up from my nap, and realize I'm still in the hospital. Harry, and Liam are gone and I'm completely alone. I turn to my side , and see a shadowy figure. It's Victor. "Liam!!! Help!" I say getting out of my bed and backing up to the wall. Fear is all I feel.

"No one can help you. You are all alone, and you always will be." Victor says blocking the door.The only escape besides the window.

I open the window and look down. I'm up three floors but there is grass. I look up at Victor. He is walking towards me with a knife. I started crying, and I know what I have to do. I jump out the window. I feel the air around my face, and then i feel the ground. I feel the pain in my legs. I look down and a bone is sticking  out of one of my legs, and they are both broken. I scream out in pain, and start crawling away from the hospital which made my legs. I feel someone shaking my shoulder. I screamed.


I was back in my bed at the hospital. It was just a dream. "Sam, realx it's just me, Harry" He said lifting the blankets off my head.

"Oh, were is Liam?"

"He went to go get food. Are you ok?" he asks

"No!" I scream, crying again. He hugs me, and I cry into his chest. I scoot over as he climbed in the bed. I start pulling away but, he brings me closer. I stop crying and apologize for getting his shirt all wet. "Sam it's ok with what you have been through i'm sure my t-shirt is ok" He chuckled which made me smile. It was quiet for a minute when he asks "What happened in your dream?"

I told him everything in my dream, I start to tear up again. God, I am such a baby. He cups my face, and says "You are not alone. You have Liam... and you have me" 

"Thanks" I say stopping the tears. I never noticed his beautiful green eyes until now, and his curly hair. I laughed at myself. "What?"  he asked smiling. "Nothing I reply you just have very pretty eyes." I smile.

I start drifting asleep when I hear Liam come back.




***Sorry short chapter because I am running out of things to say. Don't worry I can post a new chapter by wedsnesday.(:***

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