The Run

After escaping her kidnapper, Samantha runs for her older brother Liam Payne. When things start to go back to normal,she starts falling for his friend. Harry Styles. What will happen, and will love conguer all?


3. Feelings

Liam's P.O.V


Sam has been asleep for about an hour now. She looks so different from the last time I saw her. She was healthy,she wasn't bruised all over, and you couldn't see her rib cage through her shirt. I feel so bad for her, I wish I was there for her... but I wasn't. "Harry can you watch her while I go get us some food" I look up at Harry.

"Yea mate"  I get up and walk away. I don't want to leave her side again because I don't want her to get hurt again.


Harry's P.O.V


"Yea mate" I say as Liam gets up, and leaves. I look at Samantha or Sam as Liam says. I had heard there conversation before she went to bed. I can't believe a person would even try hurting such a beautiful girl. I feel my palms getting sweaty, and my heart skip a beat again. Everytime I have look at Sam tonight I have get this feeling. I think I have a crush on her, she is so beautiful and fragile looking like she needs a hero to rescue her. I can't have feelings for Liam's sister that he hasn't even seen for two years! I look over at Sam again, she is crying and there is fear on her face  like she is about to die. I quickly run over, and shake her shoulder. Her eyes fly open and she screams! She hides under the blanket. Her whole body shaking. "Sam relax it's just me, Harry" I say lifting the blankets off of her head.

"Oh, sorry where is Liam?" she asks 

"He went to go get food. Are you ok?" I ask her.

"No!" She crys. I hug her and she is crying into my chest. I climb on the bed so I don't have to stand anymore. She scoots over. I pull her in closer and try not to show that I like her. She stops crying, and breaks away from my grasp. I was about to pull her back in again when she said" I'm sorry I got your shirt all wet"

"Sam it is ok with what you have been through i'm sure my t-shirt is ok." I chuckled, which made her smile  I liked her smile it was beautiful just like her.




***Should I keep writing this story?****

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