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Violet Rashthed, a beautiful, bright girl, moves into a new town. The town is dark and mysterious, and full of secrets. But then she meets the dark and mysterious Zayn Malik. Zayn always flirts with her, even if it's just to bug her. One day, Zayn shows up at her house, with a gash on his forehead. She helps him clean up. After that moment, they begin realizing how much they cared for each other. Violet goes through pain, suffering, heartbreak, and thrill. But I guess that's what happens when you fall in love with a werewolf.


10. Smoke?

Chapter 10

I'm awoken in the morning by the smell of smoke. I sniff one more time, confirming my sense and flinging my tired body out of bed. I run down the stairs before coming up to the scene of my mother waving a towel at the stove. 

"What the hell?" I ask, emerging more from the shadows. Tears prick at my eyes from the thickness of the smoke. "Why isn't the fire alarm going off?" She continues waving the towel at the smoke, beginning to clear it.

"They haven't been put in yet." She answers simply, finally setting the towel down to acknowledge her daughter who had just entered the room. 

"I would ask what happened but I really don't want to know." I say, shaking my head at her inability to cook. I make my way back upstairs and make myself presentable for school. Right as I'm in the middle of the stairs the doorbell rings. "I'll get it!" I make clear. 

I hear her mumble something that sounds like "okay." 

I open the door and come face to face with an olive skinned, tattoo covered, bad ass werewolf in front of my face. My eyes widen, and I look back in the kitchen only to see my mother distracted by something on her phone. I slip out the door and close it behind me but not before yelling a goodbye to my mom. 

"Why are you here?" I ask Zayn as I head to my car. I try and open the door but it won't budge. I groan and hit my head against the roof.

"I'm here to give you a ride to school of course." He says with a smug smile spread on his face.

"First you say we can't see each other, now you're here to drive me to school?" I ask, puzzled. 

"Yup, get in." 

After a moments hesitation I get into the car with him. The silence in the small vehicle is more annoying than if he was talking.

"Why are you doing this?" I finally get out.

"I just am, okay?"

I know I won't be able to get much out of him at this point so I just drop the subject. 

When we arrive at school, all eyes are on us. Shy new girl getting out of the car with proclaimed bad boy. Not something you see everyday.

"I'll walk you to algebra." He says it more like a demand. His hand is gingerly placed on the lowest part of my back before pushing me towards the building. 

Right when we get in the building I see Willa and Alex standing by some lockers. Willa looks up and is about to wave me over before her eyes fill with fear and she looks towards the ground.

"Wait I want to-" 

"No." He interrupts.

"You don't even know what I was going to say!" I whine. He scoffs. 

"You were going to say you want to say hi to your jerk-off losers of friends." He spits. I decide that now would be a good time to keep my mouth closed. 

The rest of the morning Zayn seems to be connected to me by the hip. He won't leave my side no matter what happens. 

At lunch, I finally believe that I have a break from him, since I didn't have the class before this with him, he won't find me. I spoke too soon. Just as I was about to sit down at our usual table, a strong hand drags me by the arm over to a different table.

"Why won't you leave me alone?"I ask as I stuff more food into my mouth. His eyes are traced with amusement. "What?" I ask with a mouthful of food.

He bursts into fits of laughter. Quite loudly I might add. Even though it was really loud and attracting the attention of the entire student body, his laugh was angelic. People at other tables looked over to see who/what had finally made Zayn Malik laugh.

"You're adorable." He smiles. I feel my cheeks heat up so hot that I feel like I'm going to be like the Phoenix in Harry Potter and just burst into flames. 

"No, really why are you suddenly joined at my hip?" I press. His smile soon fades to seriousness. 

"You're in danger, Vi. I didn't notice it before, but you are. I'm trying to protect you." He says. I can't help but smile a little at his want to protect me.

"How am I in danger?" I ask. I can feel him getting frustrated although I don't think I'm the one causing the frustration. 

"If you knew, you would be in even more danger, trust me you don't want to know." I decide to leave it at that, mostly because I had hardly made a dent in my food and eagerly wanted to finish it. 


After school, Zayn grabs my hand after he meets me y the fountain after our last class. I can feel the stares of others as he doesn't let go of my hand as he drags me to the car. I can't tell if Zayn doesn't notice the stares or just doesn't care. My gut goes with the latter.

"Let me take you somewhere." He says, keeping his eyes on the road as he drives.

"Like where?" I ask, suddenly curious as to where he would take me on a Tuesday night.

"You'll see." He smirks that damn signature smirk at me. 

"Damn you." I say under my breath. 

"What was that?" He mocks. I scoff.

"I said damn you!" I say louder. He swerves slightly to avoid hitting a squirrel. 

"I already am damned." He says so quietly, I don't think I was meant to hear it. But I heard it.

Loud and clear.



I am literally so sorry guys! I hadn't realized that it has already been freaking five months! Jesus! I will try my hardest to update more frequently and stay on a normal schedule. Once again I am so sorry and I'm sorry if this is bad! 


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