Dark Light

Violet Rashthed, a beautiful, bright girl, moves into a new town. The town is dark and mysterious, and full of secrets. But then she meets the dark and mysterious Zayn Malik. Zayn always flirts with her, even if it's just to bug her. One day, Zayn shows up at her house, with a gash on his forehead. She helps him clean up. After that moment, they begin realizing how much they cared for each other. Violet goes through pain, suffering, heartbreak, and thrill. But I guess that's what happens when you fall in love with a werewolf.


9. Move On

Chapter 9

For the second time in just a couple of weeks, Zayn was avoiding me. I didn't know why, but I was going to bloody hell figure it out that's for damn sure.

School was a drag, obviously, like always, but lunch was very... interesting. 

"Finn! Stop it!" I hear Alex yell, her voice echoing throughout the cafeteria, making everyone freeze in their seats. I walk further in to examine what was going on. Finn had Zayn by his shirt collar, eyes filled with rage. Zayn was just standing there, in Finn's grasp, smirking. The door to the cafeteria slams shut behind me, making all the eyes turn towards me. As in, hundreds of pairs of eyes. Even though there were only 219 people in Beflry, there were at least 400 kids in the school. The towns all around us were just as smaller or smaller than us, but they didn't have schools so the kids there would have to come here.

Instead of everyone moving they're gaze, they all stay on me. I make my way to our table, carrying my lunch at my hip. I sit down, immediately whispering to Willa. "Why is everyone staring at me?" she looks up, surprised to see me. She glances around, everyone still staring at me. "Do I have something on my face?" I wipe my face.

"No, its just that, Finn and Zayn were fighting," she stops, not continuing. I nod, telling her to continue. "about you." she finishes and I spit my drink to the side, making the eyes that were just starting to fade away from me come back immediately. 

"Why?" I ask incredulously. She just shrugs. I turn back to where Finn and Zayn were still in the same position, with Alex trying to pry them off each other, but they were still murmuring angrily at each other. "Since when is Alex the peacemaker?" 

Willa looks up at Alex. "Wow, I don't know," she says, her eyes widening. "Do you know where Reed is?" she asks, a worried glint in her eye.

"No, why?" I answer, taking a bite out of my sandwich.

"Twin sense. Something's up." she says and I smile, taking it as a joke, but her face wiped the smile straight off my face.

"I don't know, maybe hes held up in class?" I offer. She shrugs. I look back over to Zayn and Finn, who seem to still be fighting. Zayn shoves Finn and Finn almost flies over the table. But Finn whips back up, taking the first punch, but Zayn slyly misses it. Getting nervous, I stand up, running towards them and getting in between them. I try and push both of them backwards, away from each other, but only resulting in me having two hurt arms. Finn pushes me aside, and I fall over, nearly hitting my head on the table. I stand up, and if steam came out of people's ears, you could've seen it clearly out of mine. "Finn!" I yell. "Don't you dare push me again!" I yell, taking my position back in between Finn and Zayn. 

Finn had treated me like nothing but crap for the past week and I was tired of it. I put my hands on his shoulders, looking into his eyes, which were yellow. Not good. I turn around to Zayn, who was raging with anger. 


I feel him register it but he doesn't answer. 

Stop. Look at his eyes.

Zayn's eyes flicker to Finn's and he realizes, eyes widening. 

Finn pushes me out of the way, again, but this time, I do hit my head on the table. Zayn growls. 

I hop up, making a head rush float to my head, just as Zayn answers.

Slap him. It'll get him out.

I stand right in front of Finn and my hand connects with his face, guilt flooding through me, I knew he wasnt in his state of mind. His mouth opens in shock, and his eyes meet mine. They were brown again. 

"I said not to push me!" I storm out of the cafeteria to seal the deal. The rest of the day, Finn and Zayn avoided me. 
When I end up at home, I was silently hoping that Zayn would be sitting in my furry chair in my room, just as he had been the day Finn tried to get into my house. No such luck.

Willa came over, and we rented a movie, since my mom said shed be out all night for work. Alex showed up later, looking frazzled. 

"Whats up with you?" I ask as she storms into the door. She just shoots me an angry look and collapses on the couch.

Suddenly, Willa's phone rings, snapping me out of my daze from the movie.

"What?" she exclaims, standing up. I stand up with her, shooting her a "what happened" look, but she just puts a finger up. She hangs up, tears brimming her eyes. "Reed's in the hospital. He never came home from school, but I just assumed he was with Finn or something." she cries. 

I told her Id drive her to the hospital, Alex tagging along, since he was her boyfriend. We show up, just as he got out of surgery. The nurse assured us hed be fine, and we could go see him. We walk in and I ask the other nurse what the damage was while Alex and Willa were at his side. 

"Major concussion, and what looks to be claw marks from a very large wolf across his chest." my eyes widen as I realize that it had been no ordinary wolf, no.

A werewolf.


After I excused myself from the hospital, saying Id be back in an hour to pick them up, I drive to the woods, sauntering in like it was my house. "Zayn!" I yell. "Finn! Za-" my words are muffled by a hand over my mouth and dragging me into a nearby cabin. I squirm under the grasp, trying desperately to get free. They release me, turning around, read to attack my attacker, only to see Zayn instead of some insane psycho. But with the look on his face, I would've preferred insane psycho.

"What the hell do you think you're doing, just walking into the woods and screaming at the top of your lungs? On a full moon!" he exclaims. I look out the window to see that it was, in fact a full moon.

"Sorry I did-"

He wasn't done. "You could've gotten killed! Or worse!" I put my hand up to silence him but he just shoves it aside. "You are insane! How would we ha-" I skip to plan B and press my mouth to his. He puts his hands on my hips, pulling me closer. He pulls away, looking at me with an icy glare. "Don't do that."

"What you mean this?" I ask before kissing him again. He pushes me away and against a wall. 

"Don't do that," he growls, eyes turning dark. I push him off, getting down to the real business. 

"Reed was slashed by a werewolf." I say and he shrugs. 

"Happens a lot on the full moon, but hell be fine." he says and I let out a sigh of relief. "Now you should go." he says, practically pushing me out the door. 

"Well goodbye to you too!" I yell as he slams the door. 

I curse under my breath and drive to the hospital, dropping Alex and Willa off at their houses. I get in bed and am on the verge of tears.

Every part of me told me to just move on, it was just a crush. Stop chasing after what you cant have. But then there's that one little rebellious bone that always says, "Where's the fun in that?"
Soon enough, that little rebellious bone, finds away to convince my whole body. 

The only question, am i up for the chase?

Hell yeah.

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