Dark Light

Violet Rashthed, a beautiful, bright girl, moves into a new town. The town is dark and mysterious, and full of secrets. But then she meets the dark and mysterious Zayn Malik. Zayn always flirts with her, even if it's just to bug her. One day, Zayn shows up at her house, with a gash on his forehead. She helps him clean up. After that moment, they begin realizing how much they cared for each other. Violet goes through pain, suffering, heartbreak, and thrill. But I guess that's what happens when you fall in love with a werewolf.


1. Belfry

"Mom, do you miss him?" I ask, biting my thumbnail.
"Vi, don't bite your finger nails, it's a bad habit," my mother scolds. "Sorry," I mutter, turning back to the window. "But you didn't answer my question," I say, choosing my words wisely.
"Violet, your father left us. If you think I would miss him after something like that, you would be mistaken," she says, irritation obvious in her voice.
I drop the subject and stay quiet. I look in the rear view mirror. The moving trailer was fastened tightly onto the end of our car.
A squirrel darts out to the middle of the road, and my mother swerves to avoid it. I slam into the car door.
"You did that on purpose," I mutter.
I wasn't happy about moving. I had lived in my old house my entire life. We had lived in a bright, wonderful city, where the honks and sirens would lull you to sleep at night. Now we were moving to a small, dank town, in the middle of no where. The weather began to get wet and foggy. Then, I could hear the splatter of the rain on the roof of the car.
I hate rain.
I sigh. Then we pass a sign.
Welcome to Belfry, Montana.
Population: 219
I groan. This place was way smaller than expected. My untruthful mother had spoken of the place as if it had at least 2,000 people. I was used to the big city of New York, New York.
I close my eyes and wait for us to arrive at our small town home.
We arrive a little less than 5 minutes later. I lean forward to get a better look at the house. It was a big light blue house with jet black trimming. The blue was surprisingly pretty.
I open the moving trailer and begin unloading boxes.
"Need help with that?" A boy with a Texas accent asks from behind me. I whirl around. I see a boy with shaggy blonde hair and seaweed green eyes.
I look at him uncertainly, eyeing him up. I didn't think I could take him on if he tried to fight me, he had too much muscle, but with his bulky exterior I might be able to out run him...
"Hello?" He asks, waving a hand in front of my face.
I don't flinch, just merely change my gaze from a nearby tree, to his face.
He looks friendly enough, I thought. Just do it.
"Sure." I say, after what could have been minutes of me staring at him.
I don't get embarrassed easily, so I wasn't at all shy about it. I shove the box toward him and he stumbles backwards.
"Woah, feisty. I like it." He smirks.
I keep my mouth shut and grab another box and lead him inside.
"Right there is fine," I point to the place next to the stairs.
The boy helped us with the rest of our things, and I was actually relieved he had shown up. My mother and I would not have gotten it all done.
"Thank you..."
"Reed Paxer." He finishes.
I give him a forced smile.
"Violet Rashthed." I say.
An awkward silence had begun to form in the air.
"So are you going to go to Belfry High?" He asks, and I could've sworn I heard the crack of the tension in the air. Or that was lightning.
"Yeah, you go there?" I ask, uncertain of what to next.
"Yeah, I do," he tries to look at a watch, but realizes he isn't wearing one. "I better get going, if you don't mind."
I nod and wave him off.
I know I sound like a total bitch right now, but, I was angry at my mother. I took it out on poor Reed. I hoped to make it up to him at school.
The rain had finally died down about an hour ago. But I felt a small drizzle, signaling it was about to rain again.
I shut the back of the moving trailer and run inside.
"What's for dinner?" I ask, rubbing my cool hands together for warmth.
"You will have to make yourself something tonight, I have a meeting with work," she sighs.
I roll my eyes.
"We just got here! They can't possibly make you go in now!" I protest.
She holds up a hand to silence me before this continued.
"I know, but they are short on staff and they need me," she murmurs, grabbing her coat and heading for the door. " I might not be back until tomorrow. Sleep well kid."
I turn around as I hear the door slam. My mother was always cold to me. I knew she loved me and she was only trying to protect me, but she needed to warm up a bit. I collapse onto a dining room table chair. Luckily, it had cushioning, or else it would have hurt. I lay my arms crossed over one another, on the table. I lay my head on top of them and shut my eyes.
They snap open to a knock on the door. I slowly stand up, shuffling towards the door.
"Yes?" I ask, combing my hair with my fingers.
"Are you Violet?" A girl asks.
"Yes, who are you?"
"I'm Willa, your neighbor. You met my brother Reed earlier," she states, blinking quite slowly.
"Er, yes," she just stares at me. "Would you like to come in?" I try.
Her face lights up in delight.
"I'd love to!" She squeals.
I look at her closer. She did look a lot like Reed. Same hair, same eyes.
"Would you like something to drink?" I ask, not sure what to be doing.
"Sure! Do you have any hot chocolate?"
"Um, let me check."
I can hear her turn on the TV and flipping through the channels.
I laugh to myself. She really knew how to make herself at home. I wish she would teach me.
"Hmm," I hum, looking through the cabinets. "Ah, ha!"
I pull out the hot chocolate mix. I make two mugs.
I come out, careful not to spill and Willa is watching a CSI.
I sit down next to her on the couch, one leg bent and underneath my butt. I had her the mug. She sips it up.
"Mmm," she purrs. "That's delicious."
I smile with pleasure.
"Thank you."
Willa and I talk for a long while after we have watched our share of scary TV shows and movies.
Willa yawns.
"I should probably get back home now." She says, standing up and stretching her arms.
I stand with her.
"Alright. It was nice meeting you Willa. I assume you go to Belfry High as well?" I ask, hoping she was, so I could have a friend.
She nods.
"See you at school Violet." She says waving goodbye.
I wave and walk upstairs to my room. Two walls, parallel to each other were painted a purple color. The other two walls were painted turquoise. My bedspread was turquoise with intricate, purple flowers over it.
There were boxes all over my room, unpacked, unwanted. I planned to leave them that way, at least for a while.
I climb in my bed and try to sleep. Then, I realize I never had dinner. I sigh and climb back out the comfortable bed.
I creep downstairs, stairs creaking with each step. This house was creepy. It was pitch black, and I was unable to find a light switch. The wind was howling outside. Lightning cracks and I realize I'm facing a window. With the flash of light, I see a silhouette of a person, standing right in front of my window.
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