How I Torment My Friend

Olivia lived in Mullingar, Ireland. Her best friend and her went on adventures together. But Olivia has to move. Her step dad, her mom, and her older brother had to move to London. Her life turns into the worlds longest roller coaster ride. She meets Harry Styles, Liam Payne, and a 2 new girlfriends. Will she ever meet her friend from Ireland again? Or will she just have to live in the past? Read to find out. (One direction not famous, then famous.)


2. The Break Up

So now I'm 14. It's been a few years since I lived in Mullingar. I now live in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire. I made lots of new friends and I even have a boy friend now. His name is Logan and he is one word H-O-T. He is also sweet and kind. Today was different from all our other dates though, today Logan asked me a question. "Olivia do you want to come to my bands gig this weekend?" I was speechless. He never wanted me to watch him preform because he thinks his voice sucks. "Umm... Well... Sure!" I exclaimed. "Great so the gig is at the park and its more like a battle of the bands." He explained. I just nodded then looked up at the clock. "Logan I gotta go but I'll text you later okay?" I said. Logan nodded then came over to me. I gave him a hug and when he realised he pecked my lips. "I miss you already babe." He whispered. "Break it up you two!" Logan's little sister , Julia, screamed in our ears. "Okay well I gotta go babe. Love you." I yelled the last part through the door. I walked down the street till I reached the main rode. I popped my head phones in my ears and listened to west life. I remember Niall and I used to sit in my room and listen to my brother blare it on his speakers. I was about to turn the corn when some idiot ran into me. "Hey watch it!" I yelled at him. I looked up to see two emerald eyes starring into mine. "Sorry love." The guy said. He got up then reached out his hand to help me up. "Thanks. I'm Olivia what's your name?" I asked politely. "I'm Harry and your welcome." Harry said back politely. "So which way are you headed?" I asked. "Down to the mail box." He replied. I looked behind me and saw the mailbox there. "Same." I said. Might as well check the mail and make a friend at the same time right. "So do you live around here?" He asked. "Yeah actually I live in the big purple house down the street." I answered. "Cool I live in the brown house right across from it. "That's so cool wanna hangout later?" I asked. "Sure come by around 7?" He asked. "Sounds perfect." I said. We walked home together after that. He told me about his band and his family. I told him about Logan and how I moved around a lot. He was so open with me when I told him this stuff. When I looked up again, we were at my house. "Hey don't forget about seven!" He yelled across the street. "I won't!" I yelled back as I closed the door. OW! I ran into some... Boxes? "Mom I'm home!" I yelled. "Good try this." She demanded. My mom has been taking cooking lessons for a while now and I just so happen to be her test subject. "Hey where's Beck I need to tell him something." I told mom. He is with Jen upstairs." She said blankly. Mom never liked Jen. She dressed in tiny short shorts and a skanky little tank top. I think she also is cheating on my brother. God what a slut. I walked upstairs to my brothers room. His music was playing very loud as usual. "BECK IM COMING IN SO DON'T BE MAKING OUT WITH JEN ON THE BED!!!!!!" I screamed over the music. I knew he couldn't hear me but it was worth a shot. As I grabbed the door knob the music turned off. "Come in." I heard Beck shout. I entered the room and Jen wasn't even there. "Where's Jen?" I asked. "She left an hour ago." He said. "So guess what?" I said. "What?" He said. Beck was a smart ass sometimes. "Well I don't know how to put this but..." I sorta trailed off at the end. "Your pregnant!!" He half yelled. "Gross no that's just- ewwww- why would I be- never mind I need you to give me a ride to the park for the battle of the bands contest." "Why?"    "Because Logan is in it." I said proudly. "What if I say no?" He asked a little to smartly. "Then I'll tell mom about you sneakin out  of the house to go get drunk with your friends then go bang Jen!" I half yelled. "Are you blackmailing me?" Beck asked a bit to shocked. I nodded my head. "I've taught you so well little sis." "So is that a yes?" I asked eagerly. "Yes." He said. "Now get out of my room." He ordered. I did as I was told and went to my room. I can't wait for battle of the bands. I looked at the clock and realized it was already quarter to seven. I quickly changed my shirt from a old concert shirt to a cute tank top that says 'GIVE ME LOVE ;)'. I then changed into some hot pants and put on my favourite TOMS. Now I'm ready to go. I was about to walk downstairs when my phone went off. I checked my messages and it was from Logan. From: Logan <3 "Hey babe I'm breaking up with you bye :)". I was devistated. He just randomly broke up with me. I didn't have the guys to text him back. I ran to the door then screamed, "MOM IM GOING TO THE NEIGHBORS HOUSE BE BACK WHEN EVER!!!!" "Okay." Was my only response. When I arrived at Harry's house I looked back down at my phone. The text was bright on my screen. I started crying again then Harry opened the door. "Come here babe." He said soothingly. I walked toward him and rested my head in his chest. Harry was rubbing circles in my back. He led me inside somewhere and sat me down. I was guessing it was on the couch because it was soft. "Olivia look at me please." Harry whispered. I raised my head to look at him and he said one thing to me. "Logan's an idiot." 

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