How I Torment My Friend

Olivia lived in Mullingar, Ireland. Her best friend and her went on adventures together. But Olivia has to move. Her step dad, her mom, and her older brother had to move to London. Her life turns into the worlds longest roller coaster ride. She meets Harry Styles, Liam Payne, and a 2 new girlfriends. Will she ever meet her friend from Ireland again? Or will she just have to live in the past? Read to find out. (One direction not famous, then famous.)


1. Moving

My long light purple hair was flowing in the wind. His brown hair was in a huge ponytail... Yeah my life's not that normal. It all started when I was ten years old. Niall and I were best friends and nothing could change that. Or so I thought. "Mom we're going to the swamp!!" I yelled through the door. My mom was in the kitchen making her famous dumplings. My mom is famous for making a cook book. We always have something from that book. Dumplings are my favourite food that my mom makes. Of course I love all her creations. "Sorry hon. You can't go to the swamp today, daddy's coming home tonight and you need to pack." My mom walked into the room with a apron on full of ingredients. Her short reddish-purple hair was very messy and her eyes were full of worry. "Can Niall help me pack?" I asked. "Sure babe." She went back in the kitchen and started cooking again. "So why are you packing again?" Niall asked. He knew I was moving, he just didn't want to admit it. "You know why I'm going." I told him. He laughed his adorable Irish laugh. When we reached the too of the stairs, I could hear my brothers music blaring through the hall. I stompe up to his door and started banging on it. "BECK TURN IT DOWN!!!!" Of course he didn't hear me. I walked right in to see him and his girlfriend makin out on his bed. "Ewwwwwwww!!!!!!!" I screamed. He stopped and looked at me. I ran to his iPod dock. Before he could do anything, I snatched the iPod and took off. "Give that back you brat!" He yelled through the door. "No jerk face!!" I yelled back. Niall took the iPod and did something to it then handed it back to me. "Give it to him." He whispered. I gave him a confused look then walked to the door. "I'm sorry big brother that I love and care for. Here is your annoying iPod back. Please forgive me?" I have puppy dog eyes and he melted. "It's okay little sis." When he walked back to his room I closed the door. "What did you do?" I asked. "Wait for it." He said. I listened to the silence. Then 'My Little Pony' theme song started blaring from Becks room. "OLIVIA!" I heard him scream. I heard his girlfriend giggle then all went silent. "So do you want to sleep over tonight so you can say goodbye to me before I leave?" I asked. "Sure." Niall said. Me and Niall always have sleepovers. "Mom can Niall sleepover tonight?" I asked. "Of course love." She said. "It time for dinner, go get Beck please." I ran upstairs and yelled Becks name. We all sat down for dinner when my dad walked in. "Hello everyone." He said cheerfully. We all said hi then he sat down. After dinner, me and Niall went to bed. It was only 7:30 but I had to get up early. In the morning, I heard the birds chirping. "Morning Niall." I said softly. Niall groaned then got up. "So your moving today." Niall said. "Yup." We stayed in silence until my mom told us to get ready. I wore some comfy pyjama pants and a shirt that said 'LOVE ME BABY'. I was turning eleven tomorrow so I was allowed to wear shirts like this. "Olivia?" Niall asked. "Yes Niall?" I replied. Niall took something out of his back back and handed it to me. "What is it Niall?" I asked. "Happy birthday Liv." Niall whispered. I felt the tears fall down my cheeks as I saw a tear escape his eye. I opene the present and saw a locket. When I opened it there were to pictures. One of me and one of Niall. "Thank you Niall." I hugged him tight for a few minutes. We walked down stairs after the hug to say our goodbyes. Dad loaded the truck will I finished putting my things in the back seat. "Goodbye Niall. I will always remember you!" I shouted out the window as we drove away. Niall started to run home and I watched. I'm going to miss him so much.

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