once upon of never

rose has had a great high school year but the next challange she has to take is finding a college. but rose doesnt think she wiill find a college that her favorite one directiion member attends. does she no whats ahead of her is she going to ask niall horan out will disaster strike read thiis fan fiiction book about rose and her college year


3. what?

 Roses POV,


                Today louis comes home idk what time though and im scared has he changed or what idk what gonna happen im gonna walk to starbucks to get things off my mind. on the way to starbucks ii bump into someone, 'OMG I'm so sorry' he says i get off the ground then i see his face, he's so hot! 'umm yea its ok' i say 'here ill make up for it im gonna buy you coffee' he tells me as he walks me into starbucks 'no no its fine you dont have to' i tell him 'no i dont have to but i want to hey whats your name?' he asks me ' my names rose' 'hey do you know louis tomlinson?' he asks 'yeah why do you know him?' i say confused 'yeah im in that new band one direction with him Im Liam payne' 'omg you sang cry me a river on the xfactor omg i voted for you!! oh and  is louis back already?' i ask him scared 'yes i did sing cry me a river and thanks for voting and yeah louis is back but he said he had something to do and we haven't seen him since' he tells me ' oh'  is all i say 'is something wrong?' 'no no its just we were gonna go on a date thursday but he was on the xfactor that day and i have a feeling he is not the same' i say as my eyes water up 'omg thats so sad hey you wanna go a on a date friday?' he asks me 'sure where?' i ask all happy now 'how about nandos?' he ask 'why not. see you then' i say while I walk out of starbucks smiling friday is tomorrow im really excited all of a sudden. 




         Liams POV

    Im so excited she is so hot i wonder what the lads will think speaking of the lads where are they, they were supposed to be at starbucks at 4 its now 5 im gonna call harry. while my phone is ringing i see a man  whos face i cant see touching a girl that looks like rose i shove my phone in my pocket and run out i run up to the man and shove him 'dude what the hell' he says 'harry?' i say 'Liam?' he says 'yeah liam!' rose yells 'hey rose are you ok?' i ask her 'woah do you guys know each other?' harry ask 'yeha we met at starbucks ' rose says 'yeha we did and harry i have one question for you.' i say 'yeha liam?' he says 'WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING WITH HER?'

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