once upon of never

rose has had a great high school year but the next challange she has to take is finding a college. but rose doesnt think she wiill find a college that her favorite one directiion member attends. does she no whats ahead of her is she going to ask niall horan out will disaster strike read thiis fan fiiction book about rose and her college year


2. one direction?

                  Later that night i look for something on tv  and find the x factor on and its new i watch it. Everythings and everyone is ok but then a cute  boy comes on and sings cry me a river his name is liam payne i like hiim i think i voting for him then a boy comes on and hiis name is louis Tomlinson comes on then it hits me thats the louis that help me after molly came omg he is on tv!!!!!!!!! after a few weeks I think about louis and how he was on tv but i guess he got through cause on thursdayhe wasnt at school so he missed are date and so then i remember every thursday the x factor is on i turn the tv to channel 13 and watch as Harry Styles,Niall Horan,Liam Payne,Zayn Malik, and Louis Tomlinson become ONE DIRECTION.  i turn of the tv who knows whats going to happen to tommrow when louis comes home!






HEY!! guys sorry this was such a short chapter have to pack for my sleepover tommrow ill try to start making bigger chapters love you all and this is my firt book so i hope u like it and please comment any questions andill answer them as much as i can and alo comment your name if you what to be in my book only 6 people for the next 4 chapters 


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