once upon of never

rose has had a great high school year but the next challange she has to take is finding a college. but rose doesnt think she wiill find a college that her favorite one directiion member attends. does she no whats ahead of her is she going to ask niall horan out will disaster strike read thiis fan fiiction book about rose and her college year


4. Becoming famous .

  Louis POV .

   I feel bad about missing mine and roses date .

Maybe she'll be up for a date this friday .. But I did see her with Liam in starbucks .. I hope she dosent like him now .. I mkean Liam always gets the girls .. whatever , I'm just gonna find rose and ask her on a date for friday .



Roses POV

    What the hell am I doing with her ? the hell you care ?

  Shes hot Im sexy shes obviously attracted to me  So I was planing on taking her and fucking her.. 

You got a problem ? harry yelled ..

 I could already tell I didnt like him he was scaring and probably a man whore .

I mean he wanted to fuck me ? Tf .

Anyways I have Liam hell help .

LET HER GO ! scream Liam

 MaKe me ! Harry laughed c'x


Liam hit harry straight in the face..

What the hell mate ?

Im sorry I had to know please let her go .

OK Ok damn  .. said harry ..


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