once upon of never

rose has had a great high school year but the next challange she has to take is finding a college. but rose doesnt think she wiill find a college that her favorite one directiion member attends. does she no whats ahead of her is she going to ask niall horan out will disaster strike read thiis fan fiiction book about rose and her college year


1. all over

 rose's POV 

I sit outside wondering about tommorow. Is my life going to suck after I gratuate. will I... my thoughts are inturupted by molly oh god how i hate molly what does she want now?. "hey loser need a ride?" "yes yes I do but no from you moolly!!" i saiid "well have fun eating my dirt" she says while driving away in her green corevette. "hey you need help?" some guy wiith pretty blue eyes i think named louis  says to me "yeah thaat,would be,great thanks!" I say while dusting myself off he lend me a hand "thanks again" i say "no problem" "your rosey riight?" "rose but you can call me rosey if you want" it ok" he says "im louis  by the way' "yeah i know" 'you want to to go ok some time to like a moviie or something?" sure" i sya "how about tommorow after school?' "that would be great ok meet you here tommorow see ya around byye!!" i melt form his amazing blue eyes. 

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