One Way or Another, or Can it be Both? (+16)

******If you don't like Gay pride then I suggest you don't read this story.

Beatrix is Bisexual, her and Bekka(her girlfriend) are moving to London where Beatrix runs into One Direction. Things get complicated, hearts get broke, love blooms, and friendships will grow.


3. Chapter 3

There was a blonde one, a kid with a bunch of brown curly hair, a kid with the same shirt as me, a mature looking one, and a darker skinned kid with black hair. The blonde one and mature looking one were taking and eating; while the other three were whispering. I could hear everything they were saying.

“Hey Louis, do you see the guy over there with that hot girl?” Asked curly. Hands off my girl bro! Hands off.

“Yeah?” asked Louis, I guess.

“He’s totally trying to steal your look!!” exclaimed the raven headed kid.

“He has a mixture of your clothes on! Niall’s supras, Louis’s shirt, and everyone but you and Louis wear chinos.” Explained the mature one; that had joined their whisper fest.

“Let’s go talk to them!” whispered curly. “Hot girl will be mine!” No! They all got up and just invited their selves to join our table.

“Um, hello? Did we adk you to come sit with us?” I ask rudely.

“Beat! Be nice!” Bekka scowled.

“what kind of a name is Beat for a guy?” whispered the blonde one to Louis; he just shrugged.

“Hey beautiful, wanna come with me instead of our lame boyfriend?” curly asked.

“Girlfriend” Bekka corrected.

“What?” asked Louis confused.

“That’s my girlfriend.” She said annoyed.

“Uhh, what? That’s clearly a weird looking guy.” Said curly.

“umm no, I’m a girl.” I snap.

“How is that e-“ he got cut of by the waiter with our food.

“Here you go Miss.Smith, your food.” He laid all of the food out in front of us. “Would you like to pay with cash?” he asked politely.

“I’d like to pay with this” I say handing over my black card; making the 5 guys gasp.

“Alright Miss. Smith, I’ll be right back.” He walked off.

“You were saying?” I ask turning to the guys.

“How did YOU get a black card!" Exclaimed the blonde one asked.


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