Fighting Over Nothing

Te'a and Alexys go to John Glenn highschool where they meet Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson. They spend a lot of time together but when Te'a starts fallin for Liam and Aexys falls for Louis stuff starts to happen.


18. The Abandon Apartments


I left my house to go find my friends. If those douchbags hurt any of my friends, they wont live to see tomorrow. I made it to my destination. I decided to go through the back door.There I saw the girls (plus Danielle and Perrie) tied to chairs. "ED!" The kind of screamed but in a wisper. "Shhhh guys I don't want to get caught. Come on." I pulled out a pocket knife ad cut the rope.We moved by a door but heard somone coming so wen back out the back door. Then we went throught the front door to find the boys.


I have beatend by Liz all day I feel like I'm going to die. Then I heard a twist on the doo nob. Please don't be Liz. The he noise stopped. I blacked out after 10 minuets. I hope Alexys and the girls are ok.


I have to say Savanah is good at sex! I haven't felt this good in a while! "Harry" I heard a famlliarvoice call. I could tell that it was Alicia. "Babe I'm in here but be quiet,Savannah is sleeing"I tod her. " who the hell is-- nevemind lets get you out first" She said. I looked for a key. I found it but it ws around Savannah's neck. I tried grabbing it, but she kept waking up. "Leave without me I'll try to grab the, but go find the others first" I told them. "No I'm not leaving you I love you too much!" she yelled. "Sweetheart go I will . try to get out" I told her. I heard them walk off. I had to get out of here.


Alexis was still talking to me. "Do I get to eat now, I'm starving?!?" I asked. She said nothing. She stared at me for 10 seconds then cramed her lips onto mine. I tried pushing away which worked. "WHY THE FUCK DID YOU PUSH ME OFF WE WERE GOING TO HAVE SEX BRO!" she yelled at me. "Because I have a girlfriend who is way better than you" I replied. Thats when she left.  needed to find a key and get out of here. I looked in my bathroom: Nothing. My bed nothing. I finally looked in my pillow.................I found.............NOTHING!  Where could it be! Then I look next no me only to find a key sitting on my dresser. Wow. I really dont know how to look for things. I unlocked the door and stepped out of my room only to see Ed and the girls. I was so happy. I ran up to Te'a and gave her a big hug. "I missed you so much they said that you broke up with me" I explained. "Thats what they told me" she cried.


We need to find Zayn,Louis, and Liam and try to get Harry out of this room. "WHERE DO YOU THINK YOUR GOING!" I heard a boy say.....


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