Fighting Over Nothing

Te'a and Alexys go to John Glenn highschool where they meet Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson. They spend a lot of time together but when Te'a starts fallin for Liam and Aexys falls for Louis stuff starts to happen.


7. Testing and The Dance


Before I got home from the party, I had gotten some pregnancy tests because of Harry making me sleep with him. So I went in the bathroom, did what I had to do, and waited a couple minuets. Then it said it was positive. I was about to have Harry Styles child. I called Louis And told him to get down here. When he got here I was still crying. "What's wrong love?" he asked me. "I'm... I'm Pregnant with Harry's child." I told him. He looked disapointed. "Don't worry love we will get through this together ok?." He told me. "Ok" I replied. I had texted Alicia and Te'a about me being pregnant they were happy but sad that it was Harry's baby. Then it came down to this. I had to tell Harry. I dialed his number and put it on speaker phone. "Hello?" it sounded like he just woke up. "Ummm I gotta tell you something....... I'm Pregnant with your baby!" I told him. There was a long period of silence, Then he hung up. Great just what I needed.

~With Te'a and Niall~

Niall had made me breakfast. Awwww how sweet! "Morninng princess!" he said cheerfully. "Hai my little prince" I said while softly kissing his cheek. "Arn't you up early" I said. "Well I gotta make my baby breakfast." he said he made pancakes and sausges. Yum. We ate then went in the living room and watched Toy Story 3.

~With Alicia and Harry~

We had just gotten up seince Alexys gave us the news of Harry being a father. I needed to get my hair done seince today was the dance. I was getting my hair cut and curled. After I got my hair done i got my nails done. Harry had came with me but he was in the food court. ~Harry~ I can't believe I'm gonna be a father! I'm so scared I don't know what to do at all.I might drop the baby or something. What do I do?


I had already gotten ready for the dance. I had gotten a text from Liam: I'm so sorry about what happened. I didn't mean for it to happen I just like you a lot but I can't have you because your with Niall and I guess I let my jelousy get the best of me. Will you forgive me?~Liam. Wow. I didn't know what to say. I was stumped. It was time for the dance any ways. Niall and I were ready and took pictures before we left. This is gonna be fun I just know it.

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