Fighting Over Nothing

Te'a and Alexys go to John Glenn highschool where they meet Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson. They spend a lot of time together but when Te'a starts fallin for Liam and Aexys falls for Louis stuff starts to happen.


6. Shopping and Parties

Alexys's POV~

"I know what we can do now" I told them "What?" They all asked "Go shopping for the St.Patricks Day Dance!". "Guys go with guys and me and Te'a will go to the dress store" I told them. "Ok" they said again. Me and Te'a went to the dress store but outside the store we saw a girl crying. "Ummm are you ok?" Te'a asked. "My boyfriend broke up with me for no reason!" she said. "And we were going to the St. Patricks Day Dance together" she said while crying. "Wait do you go to John Glenn?" I asked her. "Ummm yeah I'm Alicia" she told us. "Hi I'm Te'a and this is Alexys" Te'a told her "You can go to the dance with me and Alexxys but we do have dates but we will hang with you too" I told her "Really because I would love to hang with you guys since everyone hates me" she told us. "Yeah you can. We are about to get dresses do you need one?" Te'a asked . "Yeah I do need one" she said. We walked in side. After 15 minuets I got a green sparkley short dress, Alicia got a green short dress with flowers, and Te'a got a long green dress with sparkles.

~With the boy's~

~Naills POV~ Me and the guys all found tuxes I got a white one,and the rest of them got black ones. After all the shopping, we all went to the carnival. We all went in The Tunnle Of Love. I went with Te'a, Louis went with Alexys, and surprisingly Alicia and Harry went together. Wow I guess their a couple now and and they met 15 minuets ago. I gotta admit it was a nice smooth ride, even tho me and Te'a were kissingthe whole time. We all got of the ride. "What should we do now?" Harry asked holding Alicia close to him. "I don't know" Zayn said. "Ummmm" Te'a said. Then I got a text from a friend saying he was throwing a party and that were invited. "Hey guys my friend said we can go to this party at 7:00 wich is in 20 miuets." I told them. "I can party" Zayn said. "Ok meet you guys there ok?" I asked "Sure" they all said. Soon we were all at the party and it was crazy! I couldn't belive how cool and loud this was. "Wanna dance?" Te'a asked. "Sure" I said. We went to the dance floor and started dancing. Then some stupid little blonde came and stole me away from Te'a. Then she came and took me back. "How about you go find someone else you little bitch!" tjan that little blonde ran off. "Wow" I yelled over the music. Then after the party we all left and Te'a stayed at my house because we have Monday off school. "This was a fun day" I said. "It sure was" she said back.

~Author's Note~

I know this is a short chapter but I want to make the 7th chapter ASAP. :)

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