Fighting Over Nothing

Te'a and Alexys go to John Glenn highschool where they meet Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson. They spend a lot of time together but when Te'a starts fallin for Liam and Aexys falls for Louis stuff starts to happen.


12. Leaving Day!!!!/Auditions


It was time for us to meet up at the airport. I woke up Niall and we got ready and walked out the the door!


"BABE! WAKE UP WE NEED TO LEAVE!" I screamed at Alicia. "But its 5:00 am!" thats why we are going in our pj's sweetheart" I told her. She finnaly got up. We put our shoes on,grabed our luggage, and walked out the door. Everyone was here and we borded the plane and sat down. I sat next to Alicia,Louis sat with Alexys,Te'a sat with Niall,and Liam shared a seat with Niall and Te'a.


I ended up sitting next to Te'a and Niall was next to her. "Nialler I'm going back to sleep" she said to Niall. "Ok I'm gonna stay up" he said to her. "Um Niall, I'm so sorry about knockin you out I guess I was jelous becaus I thought you know I liked her but  guess you didn't" I told him "Dude its ok and why didn't tell me?" he asked me. "I don't know what you would say. Well lets just ride ok?" I asked "Ok" he said.

~4 hours later~


We had arived at the X-Factor 15 minuets after we got a hotel and put our stuff inside. "Are you guys ready for this because I'm terrified right now?" I asked them. They all shook their heads. we got in line and I was first. "Whats your name" Simon asked. "Harold Styles but I go by Harry" I told the judges "Well ok Harry wha will you be singing?" Cherlyl asked. "I will be singing 'Isn't She Lovely'." I told them. The music had started. "Isn't she Lovely? Isnt she wonderful? Isn't she precious? Less than one minute old I never thought through love we'd be Making one as lovely as she But isn't she lovely made from love?" I sung. "Wow...Your amazing" Dannii told me. "Why thank you" I told them. "I say yes" Cheryl said. "Me too" Dannii said. "I think you have talent so I say..........Yes." Simon said. I started jumping up and down. I walked off the stage only to get a big hug.

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