Fighting Over Nothing

Te'a and Alexys go to John Glenn highschool where they meet Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson. They spend a lot of time together but when Te'a starts fallin for Liam and Aexys falls for Louis stuff starts to happen.


4. Harry's Plan

~Harry's POV~

"Did you do it?" I asked. "Yes I sent it to him. Now where's my money?!" said a girl.Natilie. I gave her 20 bucks and she walked out. "Now my next step is to call her" I said to myself."Hello? *sniff sniff*" Alexys said while crying. "Omg what's wrong?" acting like I didn't know. "Lou...lou...Louis cheated on me!" she said while crying harder. "Ok Alexys where are you I'll come to you." I asked her so I could try to get her. I don't actually like her, I just want her in my bed. There's just something about her that gives me a boner! "I'm in the park by the benches" she told me. "I'll be there soon."I told her. 15 miuets later I saw her crying. "Omg are you ok. Listen, Louis is just a player you need a real man like me or not but dont think about it now I got somewhere to take you to make you feel better." I told her. "Ok where its a surprise so put on this blind fold and we can go" I told her. She put it on and we were on our way to my "secret place". when we got there she was surprised. "Are we in a club?" she asked me. "Ummm....well....kind of... yes...." I told her. "DUDE I"M ONLY 18!" She screamed. "Dude calm down its ok. I brought you here to calm down. Come on I'll buy you a drink and don't worry they have coke and smoothies." I told her. "I'd like a smoothie" she said . I went to the counter. Instead of getting her just a smoothie, I asked the guy to put some alcohol in it... Ok maybe alot but I have to get her drunk if I want her to sleep with me because she wont just do it. I gave her the drink and she started drinking it. "Wow this is good!" she yelled "Wanna dance?" I asked her. "I would love to" she said. Then we went on the dance-floor and she started grinding on me. Wow. She is really drunk. Then she was acting like I was a stripper pole. Wow. I think she can feel  my really big boner because she dragged me out the door and took me to a hotel and threw me on the bed. We started making out. Then her toung started dancing on mine. After a while she staarted taking her clothes off. I liked where this was going. Then she ripped my shirt off and I know you know what happens next ;). I wake up the next morning super early so she wouldn't know I slept with her so I carried her all the way to her house, put her on her bed, and pretended like it never happened.

~With Te'a, Naill, and Liam~


I can't stand Liam right now! He's ruining our date! "So lets go to carnival" I said.  "Ooooo I love the carnival but I'm afraid of clowns..." Te'a said. "That's ok babe if you get scared you can hold my hand" I said with a smile. "And I'll be here too" Liam added. uuggghhh! The nerve of that guy trying to steal my girl! We get to the carnival and get on all the rides and they were fun. Then we came across this one ride. The one I have been waiting for... The tunnel of love. I've been waiting for us to come across it. "Hey Te'a, I think we should ride this ride" I told her with a smirk "But there's only 2 seats per ride" she added. "Well Liam i guess you have to sit this ride out" I told him with a big smile on my face. "Or you can" he told me. My smile faded and I was angry. "How about you stop trying to steal my god damn girl!" I yelled at him. Well she belongs with me anyways so why not try to get her back" he said. "You never even had her" I said. I guess that pissed him off because he punched me everywhere. It was so painful. "Liam stop it your hurting him" was the last thing I heard of her voice then I guess I blacked out.

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