Fighting Over Nothing

Te'a and Alexys go to John Glenn highschool where they meet Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson. They spend a lot of time together but when Te'a starts fallin for Liam and Aexys falls for Louis stuff starts to happen.


16. Ed Sheeran (2 months after the X-Factor)


At the X-Factor the girls came in 2nd and the boys came in 1st. Now they are all famous. Also they have all been dating for about 4 months now.


We were all at my dad's house hanging out likeold times. Then my friend Ed Sheeran invited me to a party. I texted him: Yeah man I'll come but can I invite some people? ~Hazza. We started back our truth game. "Harry your turn" Louis said. "Ummmm Te'a if you wern't with Niall, would you be with Liam?" I asked. Niall hit me in the balls then.


What am I to say? I would say yes but I don't want to break up with Niall. "No" I said lying through my teeth. I saw Liam look down all sad. I didn't want to anyone to know or Niall would be upset and I would never forgive myself. I don't know what to do. I had gotten a text from Perrie (Zayn's ex). She said: Tell Zayn that I'm sorry for what I did to him. I never should have cheated on him with with Louis. Tell him I want to get back together...Just Please?~Perrie. I showed Zayn the text and he had tears in his eyes but not the bad kind. "I'm gonna call her" he told me. "You do that" I told him.


I had gotten a text back from Ed: Yeah the more who come, the more fun it will be! see you in20 minuets?!? Bye~Ed. "Hey guys do you wanna go to a party?" I asked "No not me because I am pregnate thanks to you!" Alexys yelled at me. God how was I to know she would get pregnate!?! "Yeah we'll go" Niall and Te'a. "Us too!" Zayn and Liam added. We all got dressed from pj's to nght out clothes. Niall drove in his Range Rover, I drove my H3 Hummer, and Zayn drove his Lamberginie (<Really don't know how to spell). So we all got to Ed's house only to see him dancig. "HAZZ!" Ed screamed over the music. "ED!" I screamed back. Now tell me who are your friends?" He asked. "Te'a,Naill,Zayn,Liam,and Alicia." I told him. He looked like he had his eyes on Alicia.... MY GIRLFRIEND! I ignored it and had fun. We all had lots of drnks and belive it or not but we were all Drunk! Uh-Oh!

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