Never Let Me Go

Alex (girl's name) was Will's best friend. Will was Alex's best friend. They were best friends. But in eighth grade, when they kiss, things change. And when Alex's family moves without much of a heads up, or more while Will wasn't thinking, things get complicated. And when Will moves there too in the summer after senior year, Hell breaks loose in their world. None of it was supposed to happen. They were ordinary, not on one of those dramatic soap-operas, right? Well, things are different. They don't always turn out the way you want them to, eh? Never Let Me Go is a story with ups and downs and turn arounds and holds some major plot-twists at the end (ooh sneak peek). I hope you enjoy! Please give feedback and criticism! I need it in order to be a better writer! Don't be scared to hurt my feelings. :) Thanks for reading if you do. xx


1. Chapter 1: Flashback

New Characters

Note: to help you guys figure out what the people look like, I've decided to match them to somebody to you can see. And if you don't know who that is, just, like, look it up or something.

Will: Liam Payne (with short hair)

Alex: Sasha Pieterse

Brian: Max Adler


Will's POV

I looked out the window of my bedroom, at our old treehouse. Last week, I had gone in there. It still smelled like Alex. Alex. She brought back a rush of feelings. Too many for me to describe. I focused on the window of the treehouse, trying to see in. Of course, I could see right in, reason being that it was right next to my window. Like, you could climb from the treehouse in through my window to my room. That's how she used to sneak in my room. How I used to sneak out. But those are different stories. And now they were running through my mind as if they were on a movie slide. Going and going and going past. Fast- oh, so fast. Too fast for me to catch what they were. I glanced back into the treehouse window and stared at a spot inside the treehouse wistfully. There was one memory that I had that... Would fall under my favorites of Alex. And all of a sudden, the memory flicked on in my brain. Like a flashback to the good ol' times.
*flashback to 7th grade*
"Will! You're not supposed to just catch it! You have to throw it back to me!" Alex laughed, a sound that strummed through the air. I laughed too.
"I had no idea!" I responded sarcastically, smirking. I knew exactly what I was doing. Doing it wrong to make her feel like she knew more than others. It made her feel all important and she was more confident. She didn't think I noticed but I did. Plus, she was way more fun. She threw her head back and laughed again, her wavy, dirty blonde hair reaching down past the bottom of her spine. I smiled. And bounced the green bouncy ball on the pavement several times. It was March and had snowed only four days ago. It had been a blizzard that had given us a snow day. Which meant it was pretty cold right now.  But Alex and I loved to be outside even when it was freezing. Right now was the only time this week we would have recess. We cherished this time. I wore a navy hoodie and jeans with sneakers. I was warm enough. Alex on the other hand... I didn't think she was warm, but she said differently. She had on a twirly black skirt, and a pink and white specked sleeveless shirt tucked in, plus cowboy boots. Her arms were bare and so were her legs. I didn't get how girls stayed warm like this. I could bet anything that they weren't actually warm, only insisting they were. And then, later, they would probably complain and then the boy would have to give her his jacket. Stupid romantic chick flicks that she had made me watch. I laughed again and threw the ball back to her. She bounced it back to me.
"How's your research project going?" Alex asked. I let out a long ragged sigh.
"I don't even know. What about you?" I replied.
"Fine. I don't think I have enough notecards though. Mr. Spence is always glaring at me. I'm sure he can tell." She glanced behind her shoulder and turned back to me, a weird look on her face.
"Is he glaring at you now?" She grinned.
"Nah, I'm only joking." I bounced the ball back to her forcefully, a small smile on my face.
"What's your topic, again?" I asked.
"Something about how animals shouldn't be testing new medication and stuff. You?"
"What about it?" She crinkled her eyebrows.
"I'm still deciding between two things. One," I held my hand out, "how it's evolved from like old weird funeral marches and stuff to the cool music we have now, and like, rap music."
"Or?" Alex prompted, a small smirk on her face.
"Or how music impacts us. You know, what would we be without with out music, stuff like that," I answered.
"Yes. I would be a total mess without music. My life would have no meaning!" she exclaimed dramatically, her hand to her chest, her eyes upward. I could tell that she was holding back a laugh though. I frowned.
"Hey!" A fit of giggles erupted from her, bubbling out from the back of her throat. I couldn't help but grin. I crossed the space between us quickly and put my hand out, near her side. She immediately sobered up.
"You wouldn't," she murmured, looking me straight in the eye. I smiled slyly.
"Oh, I would." And then I pinched both of her sides with my hands, what we called tasering. She giggled and squealed and begged for me to stop, so I started tickling her instead. She was ticklish almost everywhere, and very ticklish, so it was easy. She gasped for air from laughing.
"No-" gulp of air, "Will-" gulp of air, "please-" gulp of air, "stop!" I stopped for a moment and she started to back away. I grabbed her wrist.
"Say my project is awesome and I'm the coolest kid you know," I demanded in a joking tone. She burst out laughing.
"Coolest kid I know? Seriously?" Alex kept laughing more and more.
"Ok, ok, fine. Your project is awesome and you are the coolest kid I know. There, you happy?" I grinned.
"Yes." I let to of her wrist. She jumped backwards, an evil smile on her face.
"I'm gonna get you back for that," she told me. My eyes widened. Alex is ruthless when it comes to tasering. Why didn't I think of that? Of course she would get me back! I mentally slapped myself. "That's right. Be scared," she said, noticing my expression. I started backing away when she started advancing over to me.
"No no no no." I held out my hands to stop her. She threw her head back and laughed.
"I like to call it 'taste of your own medicine'." I smiled.
"If by that, you mean coolness medicine, then I think you really need a taste of that. Hate to break it to you Al, but you need it desperately." She snorted.
"That was a horrible comeback," she stated.
"Eh, at least I tried." I shrugged. All of a sudden, she lunged toward and tased me. I shrieked and slapped her hands. She cackled. I felt like a total wimp. I started laughing and soon, her arms dropped back to her sides and she was laughing too. I breathed out a giant sigh of relief. I opened my mouth to say something, but I never got the chance.
"What are you two idiots doing?" asked Brian, the bully in our grade. I frowned.
"Why do you care?" Alex asked back. He shrugged.
"Just wondering why Stupid was so afraid of you. I mean, I can see why, but..." Alex's eyes flashed and I stepped forward in anger.
"What did you say?" Brian smirked, sensing a fight was about to go down. I knew that he would win if it did happen, but I would still do it.
"Nothing, nothing. Just mentioning how her face is enough to scare anyone." All of a sudden, I was right in front of him, grabbing the collar of his shirt, nose to nose with that bemused face.
"You listen to me, real good. Don't you ever say something like that again to her. Ever. You hear me?" I tensed my jaw and released the collar of his shirt. Brian's eyes flicked between Alex and I.
"Ooh, someone likes someone," he observed (wrongly). I glanced at Alex and rolled my eyes. Brian caught my movement. "Hey Stupid, you too scared of her again? And this time I'm not talking about her, I'm talking about how much of a wimp you are. You can't stand anything. I bet if we had a fight right now, you would have your face in that snow in four seconds flat," he sneered in my face. Alex lunged at him.
"Don't talk to him like that, you jerk!" she shrieked. His eyes widened as she rushed forward. When she stopped in front of him, that stupid smirk returned on his face.
"Oh yeah? What are you gonna do about it?" Brian challenged, probably feeling like the king of the world. The truth was, everybody hated him but was too scared to admit so. Alex cocked her head and I walked up right next to her, tensed in case she did something rash. Speaking of rash, this is the part when she kicked him in... A place you wouldn't want to be kicked if you were a guy. He howled in pain, so loud that the teachers all turned to look at us. Alex put on a sympathetic face and started patting his back while he moaned.
"Is that enough for you?" she asked sweetly. He lifted his head up to look at her.
"I'll get you for that," he spat. She smiled.
"Have fun trying." Then, once the teachers had all turned back around, she grabbed my wrist and we walked to the other end of the parking lot where we had our weekly recess. I was staring at her in awe.
"What?" Alex snapped. I blinked.
"Thank you. You really didn't have to do that." She shrugged and picked at her nails, looking at the ground.
"Yeah well... You defended me. And besides," she looked up at me, "if anyone insults you, they're insulting me." I grinned and punched her lightly on the arm.
"That's cute," I cooed. She blushed and elbowed me back.
"Oh, shut up." I smiled and so did she.

*End of flashback*
I blinked and my room was back in view. I smiled sadly. That was my favorite memory because that was the day that I realized that I loved her. That I loved my best friend. That I loved Alexis Rosemary Tran And that was big. The way she defended me made me realize that I would do anything for her. Virtually anything. I had never thought I would feel this way about anyone but... And there I went again with quoting the chick flicks! Every though it was so long since I'd seen her, I still remembered every detail about her. I guess it's called love.





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