First Kiss

Trish Crudell is an average teenage girl, but when she's picked to go on a reality TV show, her whole life changes. She doesn't know how the show's going to go, but when she finds out that the boys she will be competing for are One Direction, she decides to fight for a spot on the show, Dating Directions. She's in love with 1 boy, but 3 boys are in love with her, who will she pick? Or better, who will the boys pick? 1D FANFIC!!


12. Author's Note :)


Oh my goodness guys! I'm so sorry! I know I have't updated for SOOOO long but it's been so crazy lately!! With the Boston Bombing, school, stupid people from school! But anyways, I'M SO SORRY! PLEASE FORGIVE ME!! I'LL TRY TO WRITE AS MUCH AS I CAN!! Btw, ima call my fans potatoes! So, potatoes :) please forgive me and I'll write as much as I can as soon as I can! Thanks guys! 

Love you!! 


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