First Kiss

Trish Crudell is an average teenage girl, but when she's picked to go on a reality TV show, her whole life changes. She doesn't know how the show's going to go, but when she finds out that the boys she will be competing for are One Direction, she decides to fight for a spot on the show, Dating Directions. She's in love with 1 boy, but 3 boys are in love with her, who will she pick? Or better, who will the boys pick? 1D FANFIC!!


3. 3. Goodbye Whitefish


*Trish's P.O.V* (again)

"Goodbye Gramma!" I said sadly. 

"Goodbye Trish!" My Gramma said excitedly. She was so excited about this whole TV show thing. 

I lived with my Gramma because my Dad didn't want me.  My Mom did but she died about 13 years ago. I was 4. Ever since she died, my Dad lost interest in me. I loved him, but I got nothing in return. So my Gramma took me in, she's amazing. She survived World War II. That's when she met Grandpa. Grandpa led her to a secret underground hide out. Grandpa saved Gramma's life. Gramma loved him so much, but 2 years ago Grandpa started abusing Gramma so she left. She still misses him, but she knows he doesn't feel the same way. Gramma is so helpful, she talks about knitting and cats a lot, but she's awesome. 

"Hello Trish!" Mr. Collin said cheerfully. Mr. Collin was picking me up because my Gramma had errands to run. His whole family came! 

"Morning Mr. Collin!" I replied. 

The drive to the airport was long and boring, but when I got there, it was sad leaving. 

"I'll see you in a couple months!" I told Mr. Collin. 

"Yep! See ya soon!" He exclaimed. 

"You go out there and win that contest, ok?" Mrs. Collin asked. 

"I'll try my best." I said hopefully. 

As I walked to my gate I waved goodbye sadly. I was actually going to miss home. Especially Gramma. 








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