First Kiss

Trish Crudell is an average teenage girl, but when she's picked to go on a reality TV show, her whole life changes. She doesn't know how the show's going to go, but when she finds out that the boys she will be competing for are One Direction, she decides to fight for a spot on the show, Dating Directions. She's in love with 1 boy, but 3 boys are in love with her, who will she pick? Or better, who will the boys pick? 1D FANFIC!!


18. 13. The First Challenge

*Lora's P.O.V.* (A/N if I don't say who's P.O.V. it is, that means it's no-one's P.O.V.)

Everyone is so nervous. I mean, why wouldn't we be? My parents always told me a quote for if I was ever nervous, it's what they would say to themselves before they would film an episode for Kiss and Tell, "It's okay if you have butterflies in your stomach, as long as you get them to fly in formation." Oh how I miss my parents, and my sister.

"Alright ladies, you have 30 minutes to get ready for your first challenge. Here's your helpful hint on how to dress: Fashion is one thing, but dressing appropriately is another. This challenge has nothing to do with fashion, but here's a warning, you will get dirty and possibly wet. The weather forecast is sunny and 27 degrees (Celsius). Dress wisely." Greg's voiced boomed through the intercom in our trailer.

"What are you guys gonna wear?" I asked the girls.

"I think I'm going to wear a swimsuit, with athletic shorts and a tanktop on top, and flip-flops, I'm just gonna go barefoot when we get there. Oh and I'm going to put my hair up in a ponytail!" Trish answered.

"Good idea, me too!" I replied.

"I'm wearing a skirt with sequins, a GUESS shirt, knee high fashion boots, and I'm going to curl my hair! " Carry exclaimed.

"I don't think that's the smartest idea." said Kendra, "Greg said we might get dirty and possibly wet.."

"I don't care, fashion is how I express myself. Plus, I don't have to complete a dumb challenge for the boys to like me, they'll like me no matter what." Carry replied very sassy.

I was starting to have second thoughts on Carry..

"'s your choice. But just remember that not everyone is going to like you just because you have nice clothes." Kendra said in reply to Carry.

I like Kendra. She's very truthful, in a good way!

"Are you trying to say that some people only like me because of my clothes?" Carry asked, looking hurt.

"No! Of course not!" Kendra replied.

"Whatever. Just stay out of my way!" Carry said as she pushed Kendra out of the way and walked to the bathroom.

Kendra, Trish and I exchanged surprised looks. I think we were all thinking the same thing, Carry is not at all who we thought she was.

"Well, that was weird. Anyways..what're you wearing Kendra?" Trish asked Kendra, her surprised look still plastered on her face.

"Oh. Umm, I think I'm gonna wear the same thing as you except I'm gonna wear just a t-shirt instead of a tank-top, and trainers (sneakers). I don't want the boys to see my ugly feet!" Kendra exclaimed while sticking out her tongue.

We all started laughing as we started getting changed.

*25 minutes later*

*Trish's P.O.V.*

"Alright ladies. This is your first challenge." Greg said as he gestured towards an obstacle course. It was covered in mud and looked really challenging. It's a good thing Kendra, Lora, and I are fairly athletic. Carry is sort of athletic, but I don't know how she's gonna do in her knee high fashion boots.

"The boys will be arriving shortly to watch you lovely ladies compete!" Greg said with a smirk. "Oh! And just remember, you will get dirty, so Carry, I advise that you take off those knee high boots." Greg said as he winked at Carry.

Umm, what the heck? I think he's a little too old for her..

"Here are the boys!" Greg said enthusiastically.

Liam, Louis, Harry, and Zayn walked up to Greg from behind a trailer.

"Where's Niall?" Greg asked.

"He said he had to hit the snack table before he came. He'll be here in a minute." Zayn replied.

"Or 20 minutes." Louis said causing the boys and some of the girls to laugh.

"Well, there's no time for waiting. We have to get this show on the road!" Greg say urgently. "Okay girls. What you have to do in this challenge is simple. Make your way through the obstacle course and try to get to the finish first, but there is a twist in this obstacle course. Once you finish the obstacle course, you to have to go through a maze. If you run into a dead end in the maze, it will ask you something about One Direction. If you answer the question correctly. the dead end will open and you may pass. If you answer incorrectly, you'll have to find another way. The last one to arrive at the end of the maze, will be eliminated. Got it?"

"YES!" Echoed through all of us girls.

"Oh! And don't forget, the cameras will be rolling." Greg said with a wink.

We all had to start at the starting line. Greg then explained when he rang the bell, we were allowed to go through the obstacle course, then the maze.

"On your mark, get set.." Greg shouted through a megaphone.

"DING DING DING!" The bell went off. Everyone bolted off.

As I was running through the obstacle course, jumping over wooden logs, ducking under tree branches for about 10 minutes, I heard someone shout my name.

"Trish! Trish! Help!" I heard a familiar voice.


I turned around and saw Lora stuck in a deep pit of mud. I sprinted back to her, barely missing a tree branch. I grabbed her arm and pulled as hard as I could. She barely budged. Man she was stuck in the mud really deep.

"Hold on!" I said as I grabbed a broken tree branch.

I passed it over to her. She grabbed one end while I was holding onto the other.

"Ready? On 3! 1, 2, 3!" I said almost scared.

We both pulled as hard as we could and she slowly started coming out of the mud.

"Keep pulling!" I yelled.

When she was finally out of the mud, she jumped up and gave me a hug.

"Thank you so much!" Lora said almost crying.

"You're welcome!" I said smiling. "But we gotta hurry, we're really far behind."

We started sprinting through the rest of the obstacle course. Once we got to the maze we went different ways.

"Cya at the finish line!" She called to me.

"Not if I see you first!" I yelled back. We both started laughing and then ran through the maze, twisting and turning. Once I was running for awhile, I stopped at a dead end and had to answer a question.

"What colour are Harry's eyes?" The speaker asked.

Crap crap crap. Harry isn't my favourite so I really don't know!

"Umm, green?" I asked questionably.

"Correct." The speaker said.

YES! I continued through the gate. It seemed like I was running forever when I ran into a girl I didn't know. We bumped into each other and we both got flung backwards.

"I'm so sorry!" I said apologetically.

"Ugh you're so stupid!" She said as we both stood up. She then pushed me and I fell backwards into the wooden gates surrounding us. Pain surged through my back and lower leg. I looked down at my right leg and saw blood gushing from it. I carefully stood up, it really hurt, but I had to keep going. I went the opposite way the other girl went and finally reached the end. When I got there, Kendra was there and Lora came right after I did.

"Oh my gosh are you okay?" Kendra asked.

"Oh yeah I'm peachy!" I exclaimed. "I'm just kidding, yeah I'm okay."

"Trish you came in 11th place, Lora you came in 12th." Greg said with no emotion over the megaphone.

"Sweet!" Lora said excitedly. "What place did you come in Kendra?" She asked.

"8th!" She said smiling happily.

"Nice!" I said, happy for her. We waited as the rest of the girls came to the finish line. The girl who I ran into was eliminated. Carry was second last. When the competition ended, we were sent back to our trailers. A first aid guy came back to our trailer with us and he treated my leg.

*Niall's P.O.V.*

"Trish! Trish! Help!" I heard a girl yell who was stuck in the mud.

Trish, the girl who I thought was the most beautiful ran back to her friend and helped pull her out.

"Hmm. Loyal and kind. I like that in a girl." I heard Harry say as all of us watched Lora being pulled out by Trish.

"Hey. Back off! She's mine!" I said in reply to his statement.

"That depends on who she likes." Harry replied.

Anger boiled up inside me.

"Mate, calm down." I heard Liam say, trying to calm me down. Obviously he could see the frustration in my face.

*A little bit later*

"Yes! Trish knows stuff about me!" Harry said excitedly after Trish answered a question about Harry's eye colour.

"Maybe, but it sounded more like answering a question with a question if you ask me." I stated.

"Oh just shut up!" Harry replied, no longer excited.

"Hey! Guys! If this show is going to ruin our relationships with each other, then maybe we shouldn't have done it." Liam said. There he goes again, going all Daddy Direction mode.

"You're right. Sorry Harry." I said to Harry apologetically.

"Yeah. Me too." He replied.

Thank goodness. I'm not leaving this show. I still want to get to know Trish.

"Hey! She can't do that!" Harry screamed, as Trish was pushed into the wooden gates by another contestant.

"What the heck!?" Zayn said in reply to Harry's outburst. Crap. Now Harry, Zayn and I all like Trish.

We called for Greg and asked if that was allowed.

"Heh heh no that's not allowed, but she's gonna come in last anyways." Greg replied.

Well, alrighty then. That sort of answers our question.

"Well that was interesting.." Liam said slowly.

"Yep. Sure was." Replied Louis.

We then waited for the all the contestants to finish. Just like Greg said, the girl who hurt Trish, Christina, was eliminated. To finish off the show, Greg summed up what happened in the challenge and then the show was over, the cameras turned off and everyone left to get lunch.

"Okay, let's just go back to the trailer." Harry said, still sounding mad about Trish getting hurt. As we walked to our trailer, we talked about the girls we liked, and the girls we didn't. We also called one of the workers to bring us some lunch, kindly of course. The service here was so nice.

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