First Kiss

Trish Crudell is an average teenage girl, but when she's picked to go on a reality TV show, her whole life changes. She doesn't know how the show's going to go, but when she finds out that the boys she will be competing for are One Direction, she decides to fight for a spot on the show, Dating Directions. She's in love with 1 boy, but 3 boys are in love with her, who will she pick? Or better, who will the boys pick? 1D FANFIC!!


15. 11. Chatting With the Boys


*Zayn's P.O.V.* 

"WOW!" Liam said surprisingly. "Those last 2 girls, goodness, they were...interesting." 

"The past 6 have been like that, flirting like crazy and being, well, annoying!" I said, agreeing  with Liam. The boys and I were talking during the commercial break.

"C'mon, just some girls that are actually decent!" Louis asked, well, more like prayed.

Then 2 more girls walked in.

"Hello! What are your names?" Niall asked. 

"I'm Alyssa!" A tall blonde haired girl answered. 

"And I'm Haylee." A shorter brunette replied.

"Nice to meet you! Take a seat." I said, motioning towards 2 seats beside each other. 

While we talked I noticed a little flirting going on between both Alyssa and Harry, I think they're gonna hit it off. Haylee was being shy, but Liam tried to talk to her. 

So those 2 left and then we all agreed that they were way better than the last 6.

When 2 more walked in, one of them caught my eye. She was the one I noticed when we first saw all of them. She's gorgeous. Niall noticed her too and immediately perked up. 

"Hello! How are you?" Harry asked. 

"Good thanks!" They both answered. 

"What're your guys' names?" I asked smiling. 

"I'm Trish and this is Lora." The gorgeous one answered. 

Hmm, Trish. Nice name. 

"Well hello!" Replied Liam.

While we talked to them I grew more and more interested in Trish. I wanted to get to know her better, maybe even be her boyfriend.

When we finished with Trish And Lora the rest of the girls came and went but none of them really....clicked. The only girl that popped out to me was Trish. And I could tell Liam fancied Lora, ALOT! I just hope that all of us find that one special girl, although, I sort of already found mine. 





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