let me go

Andreia is 17 years old in a orphanage never feeling loved or cared for. when the orphanage tells her by the time she is 18 she need to leave what will she do? Can one direction save her? She can't forget about little Mia who will be her mom what will Andreia do?


2. please stay

Liam's POV*****

"no i'm fine"

lies that was a huge lie. her cheeks were puffy from crying. Her eyes were full of fear and sorrow.

"where are you going?" i asked. she looked down and shrugged her shoulders. Her brown hair was knoted but still shaped her face beautifully. She looked up to me with so much fear in her eyes it pained me. Was she scared of me? I would never hurt her.

"you can come live with me'' i told her

"No, No i cant'' she replied

"yes you can please stay for just one night figure things out"

"OK" she said under her breathe

My heart skipped a beat. I had pushed girls out of my life since my breakup. I wasnt looking to date her just help.



We got to Liam's house or should i say mansion. The place was huge!!! I walked in and set my bag on the ground and slipped off my shoes.

I heard a door open and a lot of noise shouts it scared me. I ran to find Liam he was the only one i trusted now.


Andreia had just slipped off her shoes when the boys ran in. The were shouting and screaming. then i felt someone behind me Andreia she was right behind me like a lost puppy scared of the world. She hid behind me pushing her face into my back.

''Guys calm down Please'' i urged them

''Whats up Liam who do you have behind your back?'' Harry asked with a little sarcasium

" guys this is Andreia she is staying with me for a little''

'' ok lad we will leave you guys alone'' Zayn said ushering the guys out of my house.

"thanks guys'' they all left but Andreia was still behind me

I grabbed her wrists and pulled her infront of me. I was going to tickle her but she just looked at me like i was evil. I let go of her wrists quickly and she looked down.

"uhh where should i sleep?" she aked with a little more confidence in her voice.

''follow me'' I told her I led her up to my room and opened the door "I cant sleep in your bed!'' she told me "no its ok'' i said. She was so tired she didnt bother to argue. she went over to the bed and collasped on the bed. I went over and pulled the blanket over her when she grabbed my wrist "stay im scared" she said with fear in her eyes I laid down next to her and we simply slept

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