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Andreia is 17 years old in a orphanage never feeling loved or cared for. when the orphanage tells her by the time she is 18 she need to leave what will she do? Can one direction save her? She can't forget about little Mia who will be her mom what will Andreia do?


4. My Mia


ok thank you so much to every one that is a fan and reading these books personally i think they suck haha i guess because i wrote it idk. Umm i have a rough plan for this book actuall very rough lol. Sorry for spelling and grammer if my teacher saw this i think he might have a heart attack. This is my favorite chaper to me i just thought of the idea this morning hope ya enjoy!!

Liams POV*****


I woke up before Andreia i wanted to make her breakfast after such a night. I went into the kitchen and started to make pancakes and BACON.

I heard andreia start the shower and get out she cam eout of the bathroom fully dressed and came into the kitchen.

"hey can we skip breakfast and go get Mia?" she asked with those dimples

"No im almost finished then we can go" I told her

" alright hurry up though" she said as i finished the last pancake and put two on her plate. She started to eat and I walked behind her and wrapped my arms around her. She tensed up but then soothed down and then she turned around facing me and kissed me.

Andreias POV*****

I turned around and kissed him he tensed up but then kissed back. He was so gentle and caring it sent butterflies to my stomach. I pulled away and asked "now can we go?"

"haha yeah i guess"

"Lets go!"

I ran out to his car and jumped in. the whole way to the orphanage i was bouncing in my seat. I havent seen Mia in over a day it was killing me!

we soon arrived and i jumped out but then i realized the wouldnt let me in they would think i was back for help so I waited for Liam.

"oh so now you wait for me" He said with a grin.

He grabbed my hand and I flinched like a loser. I was going to end up scaring him off if i kept doing this. We walked into the oh so familiar orphanage hand in hand. Together.

We went up to the front desk and asked to adopt Little Mia. Well Liam did. She was surprised to see me again but gave us the papers anyway. Liam went to go fill out the papers leaving me and the girl behind the desk.

"Mia has been crying for You, I knew you would come and get her someday" she said with a big smile.

"I miss her so much"

Liam then came back with the papers and the lady took them and asked us if we wanted to go get her ourselfs.

We of corse said yes. I walked back down the hallways to the nursery and saw her in the corner crying. I went up behind her and said "darling why are you crying"

she quickly turned around and her smile was from ear to ear she  screamed "MOMO" We hugged and tears were streaming down my face. I saw Liam in the door way with tears in his eyes.

I let go of Mia and said" would you like to come live with me and Liam?"

"Yes!" she stated making me the happiest person in the world. I picked up Mia and walked over to Liam "Mia this is Liam He is your new Daddy"

"Daddy?" Mia said which might of been the first time she ever got to say it.

We finished all the paperwork and went out to the car. I wasnt holding Mia anymore Liam was they bonded so quickly then i realized We didnt have anything for Mia.

Liam straped Mia in the back and we climbed up front.

"uhh Liam I hate to ask you this but can we go get stuff for Mia?''

"Sure babe She is Our daughter"

"our Daughter? You mean your daughter"

"no ours i filed out your name to She is ours."

"Omg Liam thank you" I couldnt even keep the tears in the tears of joy came out of my eyes like a waterfall. Mia was mine!



ok so i know there was already a authors note but i have to tell you I lierally cried writing this Dont judge! haha please like and favorite this book it would mean the world also Find me on Instagram emily42595 Than k you so much for reading!

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