let me go

Andreia is 17 years old in a orphanage never feeling loved or cared for. when the orphanage tells her by the time she is 18 she need to leave what will she do? Can one direction save her? She can't forget about little Mia who will be her mom what will Andreia do?


3. morning

Liam's POV****

We slept together well she did i simply looked at her the was her stomach rose and fell the way her hair often fell on her face. Around 3:00 in the morning Andriea started shaking and screaming "Mia, Mia NO NO" and "Mia im her love im here i won't leave.'' who is Mia i thought her sister a friend?

She started to cry and throw her arms around  i had to wake her up now. "Andreia,Andreia Wake up" i told her as i shoke her shoulders. She sprang up in bed and started to search the room "Mia?" she kept saying "Whos Mia?" I asked she came out of her trance and looked at me and ran into my arms and cried.


I ran into his arms and cried. I had to tell him I trusted him. "Mia is this little girl at the orpanage that I took care of she was like my daughter" I looked into his caring eyes and told him the rest " when Mia was about 6 months old she was adopted and taken away from me it broke my heart but then one night i  couldnt sleep it felt like something was wrong so i snuck out and found the house Mia was at" I looked at him to see if he even cared but he was still listening " they they were beating her terriblally she had a broken eye and bruises all over her so i called the police and she came back to me" " Liam im scared that would happen again to her without me being there"

"well we cant have that happen can we" he said looking at me with a smile

"what do you mean?''

"I can adopt her for you"

"Liam no I barely know you and you are getting something so special for me No Liam i cant ask you to do that"

"well you didnt ask i said  I am so I am"

I  didnt want to argue with him now or ever i mean im staying at his house. "ok" "i dont know how i will ever repay you LiLie"

"oo a nickname i likey" he said with a grin " I know how you can repay me"


He leaned in and kissed me. His lips were so soft and gentle and sparks were every where our lips moved in sync.

He pulled out of the kiss with a even bigger grin now we are even.

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