let me go

Andreia is 17 years old in a orphanage never feeling loved or cared for. when the orphanage tells her by the time she is 18 she need to leave what will she do? Can one direction save her? She can't forget about little Mia who will be her mom what will Andreia do?


5. Marry me

Liams POV******


I had a Daughter well we had a fdaughter together. Its weird i only met this girl A few days ago and now we are kinda dating and have a daughter. I think we might be doing this whole thing backwards. I didnt care I could see myself with her for the rest of my life haveing more children. Buying our own house together everything together.

We went to the mall go get stuff for Mia. Fan were everywhere and so were paps they were having a field day with me holding a child and also holding a beautiful girls hand. Andreia got scared with all of the attention and her grip on my hand was getting tense. I rubbed my thumb on her hand and she calmed down. Poor little Mia was hiding her face in my neck.

We finally got to a store and the fans and paps let up we got clothes and diapers and a training toilet and a crib.I really liked this whole daddy thing I was used to it by now being daddy direction. Oh yeah the boys I have to tell them before the get the presses version.

We finished shopping and drove home Mia was in the  back sleeping.



"i really like this daddy thing. what makes it better is i have you"

"yeah i like being a mommy or Momo" she said laughing

I saw a beach and quickly pulled up to it.

"what are we doing her Mia is asleep she will miss it"

"I have to do this" pulling her out of the car

Andreias POV***

"I have to do this"

"what?'' I asked puzzled

He got down on one knee. He was in the proposing position. Omg.

"Andreia, I havent Known you very long but i can see myself being with you forever Us three Me you and Our Mia" He paused ''so will you marry me?" He asked. I was shocked and stunned I wanted to say yes but the words were stuck."Y-Yes" I stuttered still shocked

He pulled out a ring. where did he get that and when? He put the ring on my finger I was going to be Andreia Payne!! He pulled me into a hug. I could of stayed there forever but the we heard Mia scream "MOMO"



Sorry for this authors note i hate them to i just dont know how i feel about this book .does it seem like im rushing things? I mean they are meant to be in love but idk. Im crazy I know haha Please leave feedback. I love you guys to pluto and back times 3 hehe Oh and HAPPY EASTER if I dont update tomorrow Love ya Have fun!!! :))

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