let me go

Andreia is 17 years old in a orphanage never feeling loved or cared for. when the orphanage tells her by the time she is 18 she need to leave what will she do? Can one direction save her? She can't forget about little Mia who will be her mom what will Andreia do?


1. Bad News

"you have to be gone by your 18th birthday"


My life leading up to this sucked. I live in an orpanage because when i was born my mother simply didnt want me. The only little joy in my life was little Mia. Mia came here 2 years ago as a newborn. I have always taken care of the little kids it was love at first sight. I swore to always protect her like a mother should. she is so cute with naturally light brown ringlets going down her back even at 2 her hair is very long. She has piercing blue eyes and the cutest dimples ever. The only problem now is that i have to leave I always knew this day would come were i would be kicked out but then Mia came and i can't leave her here alone. I can't adopt her trust me i have tried.

"momo" i heard a little girl yell

" right here darling" i answered her she has always called me momo and sometimes mom which melted my heart

"momo sad?'' she asked

"no, momo good"

A grin came to her face and she said simpy said "play"



I was crying in my room which wasn't even a room. I wasn't about to go say goodbye to Mia. How could I? what would she say i couldn't bear to see her cry to. I grabbed my little suitcase and said my goodbyes. It was 1:00 so Mia was taking a nap how would she be when she woke up? I couldn't take it anymore but i knew it was safer for her there.

I walked out onto the street not looking back and sielently crying. I had no place to go no food. I was lost.

i put my head down and kept walking until i bumped into someone.

''oops oh jeez sorry''

" it s ok love"

I looked like Liam from that boyband One Direction. the little girls were always talking about them nonstop.

"Are you lost?"

"No im fine" i told him

What was i going to do people like him don't belong with girls like me.



Hey guys so this is my second movella and i like this one more than the first one. Sorry if this isn't accurate. Oh and sorry for my grammer, spelling, and anything else!!! thanks for reading hope you enjoy!!

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