Doctor Maxius

Originally intended to be an entry into the Sci-fi competition it developed a bit beyond the notion; this story is set in the year 2491 and follows a day of work of Dr. Maxius a scientist, with a darker twist in his agenda than most take notice in as per his job working for the Fuhrer of the socialist republic of Eastern Europe in the days of the Great War.


4. Working in the Rain

   It was an hour or so later that the sky had become a ashy grey signifying the onset of a storm, nothing more than a simple rain storm. As the caravan drew ever closer to the site of the field lab the rain began to come down in greater amounts until it was belting the caravan in heavy sheets of icy rain. The late season brought out both the beauty of the Deutschland and the drab weather of this part of the world, but the doctor did not care for he reveled in the poor weather. 

  "Ack, this trip is taking far too long, speed up or let me out but do something!" Maxius suddenly moaned breaking the silence that had for so long gripped the vehicle. His friend looked at him with genuine surprise.

   "Why doctor, what has suddenly gotten into you?" he asked as he smiled slightly, it was a smile of curiosity that held onto Klaus' face and emotions for he hadn't heard his friend utter such a statement for a long time. There was a pause followed by a quiet laughter.

   "I do not know Klaus," the doctor quietly laughed. "Perhaps I have just become absolutely bored, which doesn't happen often does it?" 

   "No, I suppose not," Klaus replied with a hint of amicability. The car slowly ground to a halt as the sound of voices became audible over the pounding of the rain. The doctor threw open the nearby door and sprang out of the vehicle. Stopping just a few feet from the car he stretched his hands over and behind his head. There was a satisfying crack that emanated from his back as he settled back to a normal stance. 

   "Maxius!" Klaus shouted, "Put a jacket on or use an umbrella but don't just stand there in the rain!" He had never seen his old friend do such brash actions since they were young boys so very long ago. Maxius ignored the suggestions of his friend as he sat there looking up into the grey and darkened sky; the rain swept against his face and body slowly soaking him to the bone but he didn't care, no instead he would take this moment and enjoy it since he knew full well that once his work began there wouldn't be too many more moments like this left in his meager life. There was a sound resembling a flapping wing as a large black umbrella sprang open above his head, coming to his senses he noted that Klaus was now beside him holding the umbrella shielding himself from the driving rain. Klaus himself was in an oversized  trench coat with a hood to shield his cyborg body from the rain.

   "These soldiers are as useless as ever," Klaus commented. "They haven't even got some of the tents and small structures for the lab up yet."  Maxius took the umbrella from his friend and smiled.

   "Well then let us give them some assistance," he commented smiling. Klaus looked a bit dumbfounded at his elder friend.

   "You can't be serious?" 

  "Why not?" Maxius answered as he walked towards the soldiers and the unfinished camp. "I've always loved working in the rain..."

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