Doctor Maxius

Originally intended to be an entry into the Sci-fi competition it developed a bit beyond the notion; this story is set in the year 2491 and follows a day of work of Dr. Maxius a scientist, with a darker twist in his agenda than most take notice in as per his job working for the Fuhrer of the socialist republic of Eastern Europe in the days of the Great War.


3. Solitude

   Immediately the crew began to pile things into their transports as Dr. Maxius and Klaus boarded one of the nearby trucks; it was covered in specialized digital "Scatter" style camouflage that could visually fool even the most trained eyes in the sky and it contained a special frequency distortion device that would hide the truck's signal from appearing on radar. The symbol of the Republic, The Iron Cross of the Deutschland was sprawled proudly across the vehicle's sides.

   "Ah, heir doctor, welcome to Berlin," the driver cheerfully acknowledged as Maxius boarded the truck. Dr. Maxius looked at the young soldier, his digital eye unwittingly scanned him revealing his entire military record;

   Corporal 2nd Class; Robert Heimlich Von Der Ponntz 

   ~General infantry, 33rd Supply Battalion out of Bocauge

   ~ Commendations; None

   ~ Disciplinary Actions; None

   A normal man of the military  no bad reputation, an overall good soldier, however Maxius did not care for he knew the insignificance of the man and the job he provided, soon this young man would be dead most likely. He put on a false smile so as not to offend him.

   "And a good day to you, now would you kindly please bring me to my field lab so I may begin what I was brought here for?"

   "Very well doctor," the young soldier replied. He turned the ignition key and the truck roared to life from its idling stance. The eight wheeled vehicle stormed off through the city heading for the edge of it all. It cruised along at 75 mph through the outskirts and into the countryside.

   "The countryside is nice this time of year, isn't it doctor?" Klaus stated, breaking Maxius' train of thought. The doctor looked at his biologically altered friend.

   "Oh yes, I suppose so," he replied staring out one of the viewing slats into space. His mind wandered as he sat there listening to the dull hum of the engine. "Those were days of simplicity," he thought to himself, "How I long for those days of wild abandon, and carefree notions." He remembered those days well despite his age; His family held onto a large farm that had been in the family for generations, well perhaps not too large, about forty acres of which about thirty six acres were woods. Maxius had a tree house that he would hide away at if he ever wanted to be alone, it was quiet, it was peaceful. To him it was sanctuary, absolute solitude.

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