Doctor Maxius

Originally intended to be an entry into the Sci-fi competition it developed a bit beyond the notion; this story is set in the year 2491 and follows a day of work of Dr. Maxius a scientist, with a darker twist in his agenda than most take notice in as per his job working for the Fuhrer of the socialist republic of Eastern Europe in the days of the Great War.


2. A Train Ride, A Conversation, A Job to Do

    The operation went like clockwork; the doctor had abandoned his aqua lab coat and donned his grayish-black Uniform of the Reich. He removed the lens cover and put the band and patch on instead since he was going to be in the field while the “Giant” was prepared for its launch. The doctor was on the three O’ Clock Mag-Lev train to Berlin sipping his black coffee. He was reading the latest news and military reports; it wasn't looking too good for either Axis power.

                “The United Nations have penetrated into the Rhineland?” the doctor commented to himself. “All those advanced guns and equipment we developed for the soldiers and what are they doing with it? Probably playing slap n’ tickle and while the enemies eviscerate them.”  He continued to scroll through the information. “And our Korean Empire friends, what is this!?” the doctor slowly began to become enraged. “You idiots fell for a diversion on Taiwan, and let them take back Japan, and Southern Korea!? What the hell are they doing!?”  As the doctor brewed over the seeming incompetence of the military his friend Klaus had returned with two sodas and two Insta-meal Pills.

                “Here is your Coke,” Klaus grunted as he gave the doctor his beverage. “Oh, and here is your pill; A meatloaf with steamed broccoli and corn.”

                “Ah many thanks my bionic friend,” the doctor smiled as he popped the pill in the meal regenerator.  “Marvelous pieces of technology, you can carry an entire meal in just a little pill and all you need is a regenerator, such wonder!” Klaus merely looked at his friend with intrigue as the doctor now pulled the meal out of the regenerator. “Why are you staring at me like that? I’m no loon.”

                “No, it’s just,” Klaus began. “You could have any meal you want in the world and you order that peasant dish, why Maxius?”

                “Simple,” Maxius began to respond. “Both the nostalgia, and remember I was born a farmer’s son; one of four children, so I guess it’s part of me.”  The two friends sat in silence for a minute until laughter filled the silence. The two men sat there enjoying their meals as the train grew closer to the capital.

                It was four O’ clock when the Mag-Lev entered the Berlin Municipal Station; the two gentleman clad in the Reich’s uniform were greeted by members of the Premier’s personal guard.

                “Dr. Maxius and Lieutenant Colonel Klaus Weymar?” One of the guardsmen asked.

                “Indeed,” the doctor replied. “Pleasure to meet your acquaintance sir.” He stepped passed the guard, turned around and gave the most serious scowl he could. “However, we can dispense with the formalities; we have work to do, isn't that right my friend?”

                “Indeed!” Klaus replied realizing his friend had just put aside his human emotions as he slipped into his familiar mad scientist self. When his friend was like this he would have a hair trigger, and could easily kill someone and not have a second thought. It was still unnerving after all these years.

                “So gentleman,” the doctor spoke with a sinister edge. “Take me to Der Reise!” 

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