Doctor Maxius

Originally intended to be an entry into the Sci-fi competition it developed a bit beyond the notion; this story is set in the year 2491 and follows a day of work of Dr. Maxius a scientist, with a darker twist in his agenda than most take notice in as per his job working for the Fuhrer of the socialist republic of Eastern Europe in the days of the Great War.


1. A Doctor, A Friend, A Sad Encounter

   He was a man like any other despite the fact he was  one hundred and fifteen years old, somewhat old considering what was happening around him. It was 2491 CE and the world was in a conundrum; disease had stricken the planet as a result of the ongoing Great War. For three years now the world was at war. The powers in conflict were the United Nations, against the Greater European Republic in the near Eastern Hemisphere, and the Great Korean Empire in the Far East. Indeed people suffered from the nuclear warfare. By now what was once places known as China, India, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, and even Indonesia were nothing more but irradiated landscapes filled with rotting corpses, destroyed weapons of the past and perhaps some of the worst consequences of the war, mutants, and Feral Ghouls.  So for a man Like Doctor Joseph Maxius living to 115 years was quite impressive.

                “Doctor, may I come in?” Came a voice from behind the door clad in depleted Uranium and steel. The voice was artificial, as was most thins in his compound. The Doctor recognized it as the voice of his friend Klaus.

                “Indeed Klaus, come in,” the doctor replied as he pushed a button opening the door.  The man stepped through the door, his breathing apparatus clung to his back resembling a black widow with its eight appendage-like tubes running from the base to the man’s mouth, and into the back of his shattered skull and the belt that helped monitor signals to the legs from the brain. His legs were supported by brace-like pistons that served as a sort of bionic leg. His uniform had been cleanly pressed with its deep gray base layer and red edging drawn sharp as if by a blade. The Iron cross hung from his right breast pocket, a pack of cigarettes in the left.  The grey cap with the proud falcon stood, wings spread as if it were to take flight at any moment. Klaus was in uniform for he had just come from a “party” at Ellsberg Correctional Facility. It was a glorious uniform that would've filled anybody with pride, it represented the seemingly undefeatable Sixth Reich and unlike the other five which fell apart because of economy, poor leaders or bad decisions, this one flourished. All of Eastern Europe, The Balkan States, even Italy and the once Powerful Russian threats all fell under the House of the Sixth Reich. Only France, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and the United Kingdom stood in the way of total conquest. However it was the United States supplying the enemy that kept them all going. That, and continued guerilla attacks from the Russians in Asian Siberia kept the Greater European Republic from realizing its goal. The Great Korean Empire had been a wonderful ally to the Republic, having occupied the Far Eastern Allies to come to the assistance of Europe.  Any major rebellious powers were dealt with early on as examples for the rest of the world to see what would happen to those who opposed either Axis-partner.

                “So, what brings my friend to Breslau Laboratories?” Dr. Maxius inquired as he adjusted the gold wire rimmed glasses on his face. Maxius’ sterile aqua and white lab coat covered his slender body completely almost resembling a cloak of days long since past. His grey hair brushed backwards giving the doctor a younger looking complexion.

                “The Giant, The Premier wants the project up and running,” Klaus stated. Maxius looked at his friend with sullen eyes.

                “It has come to that?” Maxius answered in a saddened tone. The Giant was a special weapon to be used if the capital of the Republic was ever threatened. A Nano-bot infestation was to be unleashed that would annihilate all biological life, specifically of the human variety. The scientific experiment had cost several unwitting lives to complete; it had also cost the doctor one of his eyes that he had replaced with a special neuro-implant that he either covered with a fake eye lens and glasses, or when he was alone or at home it was covered by a black band and patch that had a focusing lens and scope built in to it.

                “I’m afraid so my old friend,” Klaus whispered solemnly. Doctor Maxius looked at his friend and then out the large window outside into the grey gloomy city that was both his home and prison.

                “And so it begins,” he trembled quietly. “The end of the war, and… The world.”

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