Into the past

Skylar Flynn lives in the U.S. only in 2101. She finds one normal town that is called Glenville. She finds about her ancestery and why this place has no new technology when she ventures deep into the citys permanent files.


3. Ryan and William

ok so this chapter is about ryan and william.

The two were so secret about every thing. They fell in love in 2013 and married in 2019. In 2020 the two were sitting a a park and used magic to stop the tech. One of the many things they hid from every one was there powers. Ryan was born on september 20 2000 and would have turned 101 the day Skylar and William met. WIlliam used magic to seem like he was much younger. Ryan had been killed by government officials when they discovered her powers. SKylar and her mothers side of the family have been secrely magic themselfs. But no one not skylar nor her pops knew of the magic in their blood. Most of the power from their name was drained after ryand death. Ryan Died 7/12/2099.

A/N thanks again for reading this these details will help if you read the story again.

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