Into the past

Skylar Flynn lives in the U.S. only in 2101. She finds one normal town that is called Glenville. She finds about her ancestery and why this place has no new technology when she ventures deep into the citys permanent files.


1. Make me!

My name is Skylar Flynn.I live in Washington D.C. The year is 2101 and I am turning eighteen tomorrow. I have a college degree in Technology. Now I know you are thinking, what she’s too young to have a degree. In this Era we go to school until we are thirteen, and go to college for four years until we are seventeen. I got a job giving cities the technology that, we have, and they don’t. I have been assigned to a major job in a place called Glenville. They have none of our new technology. I was shipped out to this town and it looked so...So...So...PLAIN. First needed to find out why this town had no technology except the 100 year old stuff. I walked down the street to the permanent record building. On my way I got stopped and asked if I knew a woman by the name of Ryan Neal or Ryan Taylor. Wait my pops’ last name was Taylor. He always talked ‘bout his mother Ryan. “Sort of she was my great grandmother on my mom’s side.” I told the elderly man. “You look just like her she’d have been 101 today.” The man said. “Hi I’m William Taylor your great grandfather.” He added. “Just then I decided to pull up my message screen and tell Pops I met his dad. Then on the holographic screen there was my Pops. “Hello Skylar what’s the mat… dad, but I though you and mom…” Pops said. “Hello son and your mother has passed she has been gone for two years. I live back in our home town of Glenville.” My great pops said. “How did you not gain any technology?” I asked my great Pops, after my normal Pops ended the face call. “That, you shall find out in the permanent records building.” He told me. “I live on 112 Alexander Ave. you can stay with me while you are in town.” I just told him I’d think about it and when to the records building. I found the file for the date we got the first bit of technology. In the file there were two names of why the new tech was not received. William and Ryan Taylor. The record was allowed to be accessed by me only, so I checked out of the building and found 112 Alexander Ave. I read the file five times and my great grandparents were famous. They were the most beloved people in the town. They were just kids only 20 year old each. They were goofing off at the park when a mass mob of techies running towards them to give them new technology. They automatically made a tech shield to keep the town simple. The earth all around them had been destroyed by all of the tech and they wanted everyone to live a normal natural life. They didn’t have an instant message screen or flying scooters.  It was so weird for me. It was my job to give this community technology but I didn’t want the defy my family name. Then I went back to the files building and got the Taylor family file, the Neal family file, and the Flynn family file. My Father was originally from here. I went over my great grandmothers files and realized I did look just like her. Then I went over my great grandfather’s file. He was clean. So were the rest of my ancestors. Everything was clean except how my great Grammyma died. She was executed by the Washington D.C. national guards. She had tried to take and get rid of all of the bad technology. I had to go back to D.C. to get the technology to give the town. I hopped on my pocket scooter but then it vaporized. I pulled out my message screen and it vaporized too. Then I ran to the edge of town to leave but there was a barrier. “No technology is allowed in the city.” My great pops said. “Where did you come from.” I said frightened by his random appearance. “I was just in the area.” He responded. “I want to leave this place like this but it’s my job to bring you technology.”I said. “Stay here and it will always be like this.” He replied. We went back to his house and ate dinner.  I stayed in the town for two months until I got a message from the government that I need to come back to D.C. I told them I wouldn’t go that I was going to stay in Glenville the rest of my life that life was better without all of that funky technology. They then sent the robotic guards to Glenville to kill me. With the jet speed tech they had here in a matter of minutes. The town made a giant human boarder to block the robots. Robotic dust was deadly so we all had face masks on. The robots sent flaming metal spheres at us. We battled all night until the robots were just piles of scrap metal. The government then sent me a message saying I must obey everything they say. The president then showed up to tell me something. “You are being forced to move back to D.C. now!!” I fought back as his two human bodyguards grabbed me. “You are under arrest for breaking law #256 no citizen is to disobey direct orders from the government.” They spoke. I stayed in national prison for three years. When the guards finally let me out I fled to Glenville and they angrily yelled after me. “You must stay here, until we allow you to move!!” then I yelled back at them, “MAKE ME!!”

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