LOVE is not a word

Brenda Mathews is ordinary 16 year old. She lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico with her 13 year old sister Gisella (GiGi). Her life changes when the hottie Liam Robertson arives at there school, Eastland High School. They are lab partners. Liam Slacks out all the time, while Brenda does all the work. But when Brenda drops her books and stares right into Liam's eyes all changes. Will they find love? or will they still be just lab partners waiting for that period to be over? Find out in "LOVE is not a word".


1. Normal's not enough

Brenda an average New Mexico girl. Going to an average New Mexico school. All to normal for this city girl. She was 16 and had lived in 2 different states. She was an orphan. She didn't like having the title, "orphan." It really didnt suit her. She was outgoing, free spirited, and joyess. All the time. Her little "Sister", Gissella or what Brenda had called her for many years, 'GiGi" was the quite type. GiGi wasn't her sister, but the little sister she always wanted. She had lived with her in the two foster homes she had been to. Brenda  woke up that morning  late to the sound of the typing of GiGi's laptop. "Whats up G?" asked Brenda "Oh!' "Your awake." said Gissella Suprised. "Did I wake you?" Oh, no...... lying to her 13 year old best friend and sister. OH CRAP IM LATE! screamed Brenda! Well bye them. Brenda very quikly did her morning ruitine. She arrivived to her first period class, Science lab, and was suprised to see the new hot student sitting next to her. His name was Liam Robertson.

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