Most-Likely To Never Happen

Just some this I dream of having happen to me but wouldn't fit in an fan-fic.


1. Partaaaay

I was danceing with my friends Alicia, and Te'a who dragged me to a party. But it is suprisingly fun. I see Te'a made a new friend I thought as i watched Te'a leave us for some hot hot guy that right now i can't tell who he is but he seems very familiar.... Then just like Te'a, Alicia leaves me but with no with her. "She's probably going to get something to drink or whatever" I said to myself. Before I know it some guy is dancing with me may i say he is  H-O-T HOT! Just like Te'a's new 'friend' he looks very familiar. But right now i don't give a shit.

It turns out that the guy im danceing with is Louis Tomlinson. Like one of five guys I'm in love with, but like the cool person I am I keep the fangirling in my mind. Also the guy that took Te'a he's Liam Payne, another guy I'm in love with but would never tell her cause she may murder me. When i look over to check up how she's doing i see she is going into the men's bathroom with Liam. Oooh-La-La I think to myself. So a random slow song pops up out of no wher and i see it was requested by Harry, I know those curls anywhere, he sends Louis a wink and I look over to see him blush. "Could you dance with me love" he asks me with his o-so attractive british accent. I replied "Yes, but I shall warn you I can't dance". He just sent me a resuring smile. Louis and I spend the whole night together. By the end of the night we had given eachother our numbers, and evn got some action ourselfs like Liam and Te'a. "Bye Louis, see you again?" I asked not so sure if I'm just a one-night-stand. He replied "Without a doubt, bye love". We drove our seperate ways and went home to enjoy what happened with Te'a and I.


*They love eachother and live like they were meant for each other and I guess they were.*

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