Most-Likely To Never Happen

Just some this I dream of having happen to me but wouldn't fit in an fan-fic.


2. New Neighboors

*Hanging out in Te'a, Alicia, and I's house*

TE'A, ALICIA AND DAN WE HAVE NEIGHBOORS WE SHOULD MEET THEM" I yell to my friends and Alicia's boyfriend. Te'a run down stair being the hyper person she is. She's just like a puppy. I thought to myself. "Let's go Alicia and Dan are snogging so they'll be a while." She snikkers. "Ok, let's go" I reply.

The nieghboors seem really cute. I thought when I see who they are. "Hey, we are the neighboors we noticed you just moved in." I say politly. "Well, hello" The blonde says awkwardly. "Well... we'll be on our way just came to greet you well bye." I say once more politly, yet I think I sounded awkward. Then a boy pops up behind the blonde boy, this guy behind him had brown eyes and a buzz cut. "Niall, let these two beautiful girls in here at once!" he says playfully to the blonde who I guess is Niall. "Hi, I'm Liam. This is Niall, and thats Zayn on the couch" He says pointing towards the boy with black hair on the couch. "And then Louis and Harry are here somewhere" he says laughing. "You two are?" He ask. "I'm Alexys, thats Te'a!" I say cheerfully. Then two boy come running down the stairs one chasing the other with carrots in is arms. "Why?" I ask gesturing towards them. "Oh thats Harry, with the carrots, and Louis, trying to get the carrots." He says like it happens everyday. Harry stops dead in his track when he sees us, then drops the carrot walking towards us suducively. I just laugh because when people do I find it the funniest thing ever. "What you dont like how I walk?" He asks playfully pouting. I just callaps on the floor laughing. Soon everyone is laughing at my reaction. Then Louis pops up puzzled, eat one of the carrots. "Sorry I didn't mean to laugh at you so much Harry." I say standing back up. "No harm done" He replies. "So what are your names?" Louis asks. "Once again I'm Alexys , And she's Te'a." I smile at them. Next thing I know I'm over someones shoulder I look to see Zayn. "Um why am i on your shoulder?" I ask. "Your getting annoying" He replies harshly. "Ohh I'm sorry." He gets me off his shoulder and sets me outside on their porch. "Well, bye Zayn I'll just leave.." My voices trails off being mad at myself for being rude while walking away. "What are you doing?!" Asked who I think to be louis. Iturn around to be right it was Louis. "Iwas annoying so i was sent off i guess" I replied mad at myself. Louis sends Zayn a death glare, then turns to me and says. "Just get your bum over here." I walk back towards him, when I hear Alicia call my name.

"ALEXYSSSS" She yells. I turn around to find her at our door. I hold a finger at Louis saying hold on. I run to her side. "Yes sexy pants?" I ask being play-flirty with her. "Can Dan stay the night?" "Of course it's not just my house yours and Te'as too you can do what you like just no drugs" Ilaugh at her. I run back towards the house where Louis was outside waiting for me im guessing. He smiles when I aproch him. "Who's that?" He asks me. "just me friend Alicia I share the the house house with her and Te'a." I reply. "What did she need?" He asks. "why isn't someone asking alot of questions it seems you like her, " He replies with "I'm already into someone else." He blushes saying that. "Well, she's lucky your a great guy." I smile to him. Just then he kisses me. I'm shocked but kiss back when we pull apart I ask. "Am I that lucky girl?" He just nods and brings me back to their house to see Liam and Te'a have hit it off real well.




Sorry if this is crappy :/ Love you babe

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