Most-Likely To Never Happen

Just some this I dream of having happen to me but wouldn't fit in an fan-fic.


10. Making a Video



 "HEY DAN WHERE ARE YOU? YOU SAID TO COME OVER!" I screamed through his house.(I got in cause he gave me a key to his apartment.) "In here!" I heard him yell. I went to where I heard him. I saw him messing with his giant camera set for making videos. "Whatcha doin?" I asked. "We're  making a video, duh." he said like it was the most abvouse thing  ever. "okay what do you even want me to do then?" I asked. "You know I don't know much about making videos." "Well since that is the case do whatever you like, I'm just doing truth or dare video." He said then winks at you. Your eyes get wide. "No I can't do any of the stuff you do it's your thing don't include me." You say begging. "Nope you're embarrising yourself today!" He says like he's on top of the world. "FIIIIIINNNNNNNEEEEEEEEEE" You say giving up. He then starts the camera. He does his intro and brings you in.

*After having a fun and humiliating time with Dan, the video is over*

"Thanks that was so much funner than I expected!" You state joyfully. "I told you it wouldn't be that bad now lets watch some TV babe." He says smirking triumphantly. You smirk back and join him in watching TV.

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