Most-Likely To Never Happen

Just some this I dream of having happen to me but wouldn't fit in an fan-fic.


7. For Tj Payne

You'd just been through a nasty break up and you wanted nothing more than to get your mind off your ex. You best friend, Niall thinks you should come out with some of his friends. Knowing you always have a fun time with Niall and his friends you decide to go. You meet up with everyone at a club. "TJ!!!" Niall screams once he sees you, then hugs and kisses your cheek in a friendly way. "Hey Niall." you smile. "C'mon! I'll introduce you to everyone!" Niall says eexcitedly while he grabs you hand and leads you to the table with his friends. He introduces you to all of them  but your eyes are focussed on one, Liam. And you can't help but notice he's watching you as well. You two sit with one another hours on end. You drink, laugh, and dance together. Hardly leaving one anothers side all night. When everyone says goodbye, Liam walks you to your car. "Can I call you?" He asks hopefully as he opens your car door for you, You smile at him. "I'd love that." You give him your number and he concludes the night by kissing your cheek. You knew right then that was the start of something great.


**The is from a thing on Tumblr cause i wanted to get this down now and i couldn't think, It's from 1dboysimagines by Marissa.**

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