Most-Likely To Never Happen

Just some this I dream of having happen to me but wouldn't fit in an fan-fic.


6. For Cami Payneson

"Bitch, he never loved you he told me he wanted to die so he didn't have to break up with you after he stole all you have." my dad spat at me while holding Liam by his neck with a knife held close to his neck as well. "LIAM LOVES ME!" you scream at your dad. "then why would I do this?" he asks before cutting Liam's neck while he yelps in pain. "AYHHHHHHHHHH" He screams until he becomes pale. Yo just cry as your stuck on the floor.


You wake up crying, but it soons die down once you relize it was all a dream. Once your calm to text Liam 'Hey babe i miss u love ya' soon he replies 'ok wats wrong i know u 2 good love' "crap" you mumble to yourself. 'its nothing anymore & just wanted 2 text u :)' you reply. 'ok but if u need 2 talk im here :)' 'u know ill come 2 u if i do:)' you reply.

Its been forever it seems like without Liam so you decide to call him. It just goes to voicemail. "I'll just wait an hour and call again" you say to yourself.

Its been an hour and you call again. It too goes to voicemail you start to worry but try to calm yourself down. You hear a knock at the door and jump at it. You slowly make your way to the door, when you open it you see your boyfriend Liam you've been worried about all day. When you see him you run into his arms and cry. "You have no idea how worried I've been about you." You yell at him inbetween your cries. "Sh... It's ok I'm here and my phone was dead I'm sorry now come here." He says before kissing you. "I'm good now" you say after the kiss. "Now how about we watch some movies." he says, you nod in agreement. The rest of the day you two watch movies.

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